How to apply for asylum in Argentina? Refugees in Argentina

Those are the people forced to leave their country or their home:
  • For fear of persecution on account of their political opinion, faith, ethnicity;
  • Or because their lives, protection, or freedoms are in danger by systemic violence. Or other circumstances that have disrupted the public order.
The CON ARE is a General Law for the Recognition and Protection of asylum was a national commission established with the Refugee Law No. 26,165. It is a non-profit organization. Every asylum application is processed by the CON ARE. This agency handles the rights of refugees, even though the proceedings in the agency are free. Yet it is recommended to use Argentina immigration attorney options like KIER JOFFE. Let’s take a look at the steps to apply for asylum in Argentina. 

How to apply for asylum in Argentina? A step by step guide

Every non-Argentinean citizen can apply to the local designated offices. These offices are based in Buenos Aires and migration delegations of the DNM (National Migration Office).

Don’t forget that:
– It’s not possible to apply for asylum when you are not present in Argentina.
– The asylum application must be made in Argentina.

–The legal process is managed at DNM Delegation that’s closest to your native country.

– Information you provide will never be shared with your country’s authorities.
– Unaccompanied minors who are under 18 will get a tutor.
– You can also get a lawyer free of charge. To get help like this, you will have to call the National Office of the Public Defender. They will explain the legal moves that can help you get the desired status.
Note: The application process is entirely free and personal; managers are not needed.

An introduction to the procedure for refugee status application:

When you start this application process, you will have to take these steps:

– Complete the form given by the authorities.

– Provide a document like a passport, ID, or information that can confirm your identity. In case you are unable to provide any personal form, then you will have to explain why.

– After that, you will also have one or more interviews conducted by the CONARE officer. 

– Also, inform your real place where you live and set an authorized domicile. Here you will get all the notices and official communication.

Those under 18 will be given a parent, unaccompanied, or segregated from their family.

For the Provisional documentation:

A Precarious Certificate is given within 20 days of applying for refugee status. It is known as Residence Certificate, has no expense, and is valid for 90 days.
The Certification permits:
Prove your status as an applicant and your daily stay in the country:
it must be addressed and displayed to the public authorities that need it. However, CONARE Secretariat can only maintain it.
  • Across the national territories, travel freely.
  • You can work formally in Argentina.
  • Use all services relating to public health and education.
  • The certificate has to be renewed before the Co. Na. Re, just before its expiration.


The Co. Na. Re Technical Secretariat, before the interview. Review the application documents, and submit a summons with the interview date.
During the interview, a Co. Na. Re official asks about the circumstances that prompted you to leave home country.
  • If you have legal representation, then lawyers go with you during the interview.
  • You have the right to request for a translator and to be interviewed by a gender official of choice.
  • All details surrounding the application will be considered confidential. This can’t be discussed with the country of origin authorities in particular.

What to do after Asylum application rejection

In case the refugee status is get refused, you can appeal the decision. To be more precise, you can request a review and submit it to the Minister of Interior in the written form. Also, you have to do this in less than ten working days of the decision. Refugees and asylum seekers can go through this process without any professional help. If you want to speed up things, make sure that you will maximize your chances of getting the status. Our advice is to use professional Argentina, an immigration attorney. For more info. Visit


The following rights and responsibilities have as regards refugee status in Argentina:

  • Not to be expelled to the country where they could endanger their life, dignity. 
  • Not to be prosecuted for entering the country, if they reveal valid reasons.
  • Don’t be victims of injustice or rights violations.
  • Allow the refugee status determination process.
  • Use provisional documents as a refugee status claimant when analyzing the application.
  • You can travel while your request is being in the process.
  • Free access to public health, education, justice
  • Can start a company or a new job
  • You can practice Religion. 

Other Documentations

People who are accepted as refugees are allowed to process:

  • National Document of Identity (DNI), for free.
  • Refugee travel log, paying the same expenses as an Argentine citizen.

Community sponsorship

Community sponsorship makes ordinary people and organizations the key to the integration process. And also give them the responsibility for the well-being of the family. For more information on community sponsorship, please also visit the GRSI website. Its primary purpose is to support private sponsorship experience and leadership, other countries.

The supporters work in groups to promote accompaniment. Sponsorship groups in the Group may have various formats:
  • Groups of friends or colleagues consisting of groups of at least three individuals.
  • Organizations that sponsor a family directly. Or through their resources and experience support sponsorship organizations.
Sponsors are linked to families of refugees before they arrive in Argentina. There are many ways of finding refugees and relating them to sponsors. They can be referenced and chosen by UNHCR offices through a process run by the Argentine State. Or they can be listed by a sponsor in case there is a kinship connection between them.