How to apply for asylum in Aruba

You can apply for asylum when you are at the border or any other port of entry in Aruba. You can visit the migration office and, with the help of the official, complete the form in the desired language. 

Any foreign national can apply for asylum irrespective of age, sex, gender, nationality, race, religion, or political opinion if the applicant fears returning to their country of origin. 

If you are on the island, you can schedule an appointment with the Department of Integration and Management and Admission of Foreigners (DIMAS) to apply for asylum. 

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DIMAS registers and conducts the refugee status determination procedure in Aruba. Applicants must schedule an appointment with DIMAS to register and apply for asylum. Appointments can be scheduled online on dimasaruba.  

How to apply for asylum in Aruba

The applicants are considered for asylum in Aruba when they have suffered discrimination, violence, or persecution in their origin country. Abandonment cannot be considered due to personal or economic reasons for international protection. 

The assistance in Aruba is done at its point of entry or within the country. This way, the government allows the registration to be completed and continues the case in accordance under asylum laws. 

Applying for asylum is free in Aruba. If you are asked, you can report to UNHCR about the same. The applicant must not be charged or requested to make the payment to process the application. 

Asylum-seeking process in Aruba

  • The applicant who seeks asylum or requests an asylum interview is heard personally.
  • DIMAS invites the applicants in advance, gives them plenty of time to prepare for the application and informs them to make sure all the required documents are arranged and brought during the personal interview. DIMAS sends the invitation by email hence; it becomes necessary to provide the email address correctly. 
  • Only applicants with the appointment are allowed to DIMAS for an interview. 
  • Interviews are conducted in the language preferred by the applicant, including the documents submitted. Documents must be signed in the preferred language of the individual’s choice. 
  • If the applicant does not attend the interview without a valid reason, DIMAS will consider it as the applicant is no longer interested in asylum and the application will be terminated. 
  • If the applicant cannot attend the appointment, he/she can cancel it with the notice of 48 hours, but they must have a valid reason to cancel the appointment. If not, the application will be terminated, as stated previously. 
  • DIMAS understands that asylum requested is voluntary. If the individual wants legal representation, it can be done at the applicant’s expense rather than during the appointment timings at DIMAS. 
  • During the appointment at the DIMAS only the individual will be heard. 

After completing the registration and appointment process, the individual receives the answer as soon as possible. Some applicants may need to attend an additional appointment before the final decision. If the outcome is positive, the applicant will receive the corresponding residence. If the outcome is negative, the applicant receives a notification with the particular period to leave Aruba. Applicants who are dissatisfied with the decision can submit an objection and file a case if required. 

Rights and duties during the asylum process in Aruba 



The applicant needs to be in Aruba without getting expelled, even if the entry is illegal. The applicant needs to respect the laws and authorities of Aruba. 
Children can receive primary education even if they do not have legal documents. The applicant needs to provide the information you get to see at the time of the interview requested by DIMAS. 
The applicant receives a work permit through the management of the employer. The applicant cannot leave the country unless the final decision is made regarding the application. 
The applicant can rent a home without discrimination due to the lack of documents. The applicant needs to keep the authorities updated regarding your contact details. 
The applicant can receive free health care without insurance. The applicant needs to go to the DIMAS to seal the registration document. 


UNHCR Aruba collaborates with government agencies, NGOs, and civil society to promote and preserve refugee rights, particularly for individuals with special needs.

Address: Dabaruidastraat 11, Ponton, Aruba

Helpline number: +297-732-0006,

Operational hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 12 pm 

Email address:

DIMAS Aruba 

Contact | DIMAS Aruba at: 

Address: Paardenbaaistraat 11, Oranjested Aruba

Contact: 297 522 1500

Timings: Monday to Friday – 07:30 am – 11 am,  01 pm – 04 pm


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