how to apply for asylum in austria

How to apply for asylum in Austria?

You can apply for asylum in Austria if you feel unsafe in your country. And if Your country is also not able to protect you. You need to be present in person in Austria. You can claim asylum in person to the local police authorities or police officers in Austria.

Ukrainian nationals can come to Austria for a year or more. You can work, find a house and receive support.

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How to apply for asylum in Austria?

You can get asylum in Austria by following the following steps.

  • You submit in person your request for asylum to local police authorities in Austria.
  • Police officers will take you to a special police department. Where you have to sit for an initial interview. During this initial interview, the Austrian police will record some basic information. They ask things like your name, your fleeing path, and your motives for fleeing.
  • It will help Austrian authorities to know if they are responsible to take your case. They decide if you should apply for asylum in Austria or in another European Union country.
  • Your data moves from the police to the Federal office for Immigration and Asylum (BFA). You will have an interview with BFA as well. They will decide whether Austria should handle your case.
  • If the BFA decides that Austria should not handle your case, you can appeal that decision. You also have the right to free legal counseling to do that.
  • If the BFA decides that Austria should take your case, then you start your asylum procedure. You get a temporary residency entitlement card. You get shelter somewhere around Austria where you will continue your asylum application.
  • After this, you have to give another interview at the local BFA. They want to know why you left your country. Or if you have requested protection in your country.
  • Austrian authorities take a decision after verifying all your information, documents, and interview. They take time to review your application before making any decision.
  • If you receive a positive decision, you get protection in Austria.
  • If you receive a negative decision. You can appeal at a Federal Administrative Court in Austria. You can get free legal counseling to do that.

Until your application is under review, you can take temporary shelter in Austria. You can also contact your family members to help or to give evidence of your situation.

Asylum for Ukrainian citizens in Austria

If you are from Ukraine, you may enter Austria at any time. You may stay for one year, maybe longer. You do not need a visa.

Please read more about this at the Austrian government.

Who can apply for asylum in Austria?

Anyone who is not safe in their own country. And Anyone who cannot get protection in their own country. These are the main two conditions for anyone to apply for asylum in another country.

Asylum is protection and shelter for people who feel unsafe in their country. There could be many reasons for not feeling safe and comfortable in the country.

What if your application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, you can appeal to the Federal Administrative Court.

They will examine your application again. You can also get proper legal advice.

Where to seek support for asylum in Austria?

The Federal Office for Migration and Asylum (BFA) head office is in Vienna. And it has branch offices in all nine Austrian provinces. Only the BFA decides about asylum applications. You can find the contact details in German at the Austrian government.

In all nine Austrian provinces, there are several organizations. These provide legal advice in the asylum procedure. 

Please read more at UNHCR Help Austria.

Source: Help UNHCR Austria

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