How to Apply for Asylum in Bulgaria

Asylum is when another country grants protection to people who are feeling unsafe in its own country. Anyone from any country can seek Asylum in Bulgaria when they feel a threat to his/her life or safety. An asylum application, submitted either to the Specialized Asylum Administration or state authority. And this will refer to the SAR immediately. Let’s see how to apply for Asylum in Bulgaria.

How to apply for Asylum?

  1. Apply SAR
  2. Attend asylum interview. You will also have to provide detailed information about your asylum application.

How to submit an application

A Security application is made by informing State officials that you are seeking protection. State agencies include SAR staff, border police, and detention officers, among others. You can make a formal submission or a verbal comment. If necessary, send a written request to ensure your application is registered.

  • Your written request will include a valid application for foreign security.
  • You can write applications in your mother tongue.
  • Demand a Reference Number when you apply. It is useful in the event you are not immediately licensed.

When you apply protection other than a state official such as a detention officer, then that person must immediately submit your request to SAR.

After this, you will get the information about the approval process for applications. You can also request that this information be provided orally.


SAR will sign you within three business days of submitting your application. As part of registration, simple personal information will also be requested. And SAR will take your fingerprints.

You will get a registration card once you have registered, which states your rights. It contains your photo as a foreign national in Bulgari. Also, your identification number.

Please always bring the identification card with you.

Important note: 

  1. International protection is only granted if you can prove you cannot receive protection in your country of origin. If there is a safe place for you to go within your country, they denied your international protection.

Since applying, SAR will inform you when a decision on your asylum request has been made. If your application is satisfactory, you will be provided either:

  1. Class of refugee (full Asylum), or
  2. Subsidiary (partial Asylum) protection;

These two statuses grant you different rights a little.

Refugee status is only granted when you have a well-founded fear of being persecuted in the country of which you are a citizen:

  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Membership of a particular social group
  • Religion
  • Political opinion

When you get refugee status, you get the following:

  • A Refugee Card valid for five years
  • You may also apply for a travel document—costs 50 leva for this travel paper.

When you earn refugee status, you will have a Bulgarian citizen’s rights except for:

  • Participation in general and municipal elections. As well as in national and regional referendums
  • Participation in the formation of political parties and membership of those parties
  • Holding positions which are required by law for Bulgarian citizenship
  • To serve in the army
  • Many limitations set down by legislation

Subsidiary protection

Humanitarian protection for, who have sought Asylum but do not qualify for status. Granted when there is a real risk of serious harm for you, including:

  • Death penalty 
  • Any Torture
  •  degrading treatment or punishment
  • The severe and personal threat of violence in your country of origin.

If you get subsidiary protection, then:

  • you get a card of a foreign national that is valid for three years.

You will have the rights of a foreigner in Bulgaria with a permanent house permit. These include entitlement to:

  • Jobs without a particular permit
  • Education at state and university institutions
  • Reunification of family
  • Bulgarian citizenship in five years
  • Travel abroad-
  •  Provide proof of your medical insurance and financial means of subsistence. This is for your stay over the period planned.

Issues DURING Application submission

The rule is not always applied seamlessly. If you enter the country without official authorization, you may consider as an illegal immigrant. Before submitting your application, ask for a reference number to support your submission. If you are charging as criminal for an unlawful border crossing, you can apply to Article 279(5). And especially when you stand before a judge and refuse to plead guilty.


When people granted as a refugee or humanitarian status, this status will not have an end date. You can issue both the documents, either by the Ministry of the Interior or by the Directorate of Bulgarian, based on an asylum authority’s decision. You get the documents within 30 days. You can pay extra also for speedier delivery. It has to be re-renew after the expiry of documents. After this, your refugee status will confirm.

How long it takes

Getting a decision takes six months. If your request for status is get rejected. Then it will be going to consider for subsidiary protection. In this case, the deadline for the decision gets extended. But, The entire process has to finish within 21 months. Your ID documents will be in SAR during the application process. Although, If you have a justifiable reason to request your national passport back, you must file a request with SAR. 


 If it finds that you have non-political crimes, SAR may reject your application. If your application gets denied, you may lodge an appeal within 14 days from the decision date. You should find an attorney to help with the request. In this way, people who want to apply for Asylum in Bulgaria can easily use it by going through this article.

Need To Know:

Though asylum seekers from Afghanistan filed more applications than any other nationality, however, almost all of them were rejected by Bulgaria: 98.4%. Compared with other countries in Europe, this rate is too high.
The Asylum Information Database stated:
That asylum applications from Afghan people were approved at very different rates across Europe in 2017. And with the lowest in Bulgaria.
In France, 83.1 percent of requests for Asylum from Afghan nationals have been approved. In Belgium, the average was 58 percent, in Germany 47 percent, and Hungary 30 percent.
The Greek Asylum Service was reported last year. That 63.6 % of people in Afghanistan are taking positive decisions on asylum applications filed in Greece.