How to apply for asylum in Burundi?

You can reach UNHCR Burundi or IRC or to Refworld to seek help in the process of applying for asylum in Burundi.

How to apply for asylum in Burundi?

Burundi is a landlocked African country located in the Great Lakes region. Over the last two decades, the IRC has provided critical assistance in the country and continues to do so today.

In Burundi, How can IRC help?

The International Rescue Committee’s mission is to assist people whose lives and livelihoods have been shattered by conflict and disaster in surviving, recovering, and reclaiming control of their future. In 1996, they started assisting Burundians by providing lifesaving interventions and emergency aid to refugees and internally displaced people.

Now, the IRC is working to ensure the long-term reintegration of Burundian refugees and to support host communities by:

  • providing cash assistance in less than 48 hours during emergencies;
  • providing vocational training for young people and the most vulnerable;
  • assisting people in starting businesses by providing business and entrepreneurial skills training;
  • establishing village savings and credit associations (VSLAs) to provide financial safety nets;
  • repairing public infrastructures such as latrines, handwashing stations, water pumps, and water collection systems;
  • reuniting children who have been separated from their families due to displacement and assisting them in reintegrating into school and family life;
  • deinstitutionalizing children in orphanages
  • encouraging women’s empowerment and improving services for survivors of gender-based violence;
  • working with men and women to change beliefs and attitudes that tolerate gender-based violence;
  • working to protect the human rights and well-being of the most vulnerable people,
  • such as people with disabilities, and increasing community access to justice;
  • building the capacity of local partners for more sustainability.

How can UNHCR help?

With partners, UNHCR has put in place contingency plans for 120,000 newly displaced Burundians in 2017. The Office will continue to prioritize activities aimed at preserving the civilian character of refugee camps and responding to and addressing sexual and gender-based violence reported by newly arrived refugees.

For more information on our work in Burundi, please visit:

Burundi Refugee and Asylum Seeker Information –
Visit Refworld for information on international protection legislation, case law, and UNHCR policy.