how to apply for asylum in argentina

How to apply for Asylum in Mexico

If you are afraid to return to your country because your life is in danger, you can request protection as a refugee. 

The legal challenges within Mexico’s asylum system cannot replace the U.S. role in protection. However, Mexico may offer better options for individual refugees who cannot find international security in the U.S… A better understanding of the Mexican asylum system may help you to seek Asylum. On this website, you can find out about the process of applying for Asylum or protection in Mexico.

Refugees may have encountered one of the following circumstances:

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  • Extortion, coercion, bullying, gangs or armed groups commit physical or sexual violence:
  • To refuse to participate, or to become a member;
  • For failing to pay taxes on war or its dues;
  • For refusing to become partners of individuals associated with criminal groups;
  • Being witnesses to a crime committed by these groups;
  • Discrimination, intimidation, physical violence based on faith, political views, nationality, or race;
  • Physical abuse, harassment, sexual assault based on gender identification, sexual orientation, or gender identities, such as collective homosexual, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex (LGBTI) persons;
  • Bullying, bullying, physical or sexual harassment from your spouse, your former partner, your family, or others;
  • Being perpetrators of the dispossession of land or other property from residential occupation;
  • Led into prostitution or to marry;
  • They endangered their lives, rights, or protection due to military wars, extreme violent circumstances, or instability.

In Mexico, the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (COMAR) is responsible for obtaining and processing applications for refugee status.

This website, created by UNHCR, to provide information to refugees in Mexico.

What is the process to apply for Asylum in Mexico?


● COMAR: Mexico’s asylum commission. Refugiados

● INM: Mexico’s immigration institution.


Submit an Application

You can apply for Asylum at the Mexican Commission for Refugee Help (COMAR) in Mexico City. It is the state of Veracruz, Tenosique, in the form of Tabasco, Tapachula. Or at the Office of Immigration Regulation of the National Institute of Immigration. This must be within 30 business days following your arrival to Mexico.

  • If you have been in Mexico for more than 30 days, contact the authorities. And explain why you couldn’t reach them before.
  • When you submit your application, it will be approved by COMAR. It then issues a certificate confirming that you have started the process. They will send you a temporary Special Population Registry Code (CURP) also. You can use to perform specific procedures and access public services.
  • When you apply for Asylum as a refugee, you have the right not to be sent back to your country. With the Credential, you can also apply for a Visitor Card for Humanitarian Purposes. This allows you to work while the application is being processed.

You can also contact COMAR from a migratory depot and apply there. Ask them to put you in touch with COMAR.

You are allowed to get a lawyer in this whole case. Contact UNHCR so we can assist you by recommending you one that will help you free of charge.

Petition: These asylum petition submitted to either COMAR or INM. COMAR handles the process, and its staff is being taught in asylum practice. IBM acts as a conciliator in many parts of the country without COMAR offices.

Documentation: Upon application, an asylum seeker must be issued a constancia. This document proves legal status and protects Asylum against deportation. It should be immediately but may take weeks because of administrative delays.

Consideration: Under the law, COMAR has 45- 90 working days to make a decision. But, COMAR has said that all cases are exceptional and thus subject to the 90-day deadline. This deadline is generally missed. So, consideration can now take six months to a year.

Interview: Generally, COMAR interviews with asylum seekers. The applicant may bring an advocate but is not provided with one. An advocate can help for the interview, compile evidence, and country of origin information. Also, ensure the interviewer conducts a thorough and compliant interview.

Decision: COMAR is must required to issue a well-reasoned, written decision, the justification for a grant. If Asylum is granted, the person becomes a permanent resident. Denials subjected to judicial review.

Take into account that during the refugee status recognition procedure, you must:

  • Remain in the state where you applied. If you want to go to a different country, you must request authorization from COMAR. Yet, if you move without permission, then your case considered as rejected.
  • Go weekly to the COMAR offices to sign proof that you remain in the state.
  • Attend all the interviews taken by COMAR.
  • In this way, one can apply for Asylum in Mexico.

If you wish, you can ask the UN Refugee Agency in Mexico for guidance at 01 800 226 87 69 or by email:

Shelters Available for Refugees

Are you in a city in Mexico? The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and allies have prepared these maps. These are showing the different locations of the primary services provided in cities. I hope these addresses are useful to improve your integration into the community.

Mexico City

Casa de los Amigos

Address: Ignacio Mariscal No. 132, Col. Tabacalera, Ciudad de México.
Ph.: 55 5705 0521

Fundación Casa Alianza

Address: Plaza de las Fuentes 116, Col. Jardines del Sur, Ciudad de México.
Ph.: 55 5029 1450 and 55 3004 5130



Address: Eufemio Zapata No. 216, Col. Emiliano. Celaya, Guanajuato.
Ph.: 461 184 8834


FM4 Paso libre

Address: Calderón de la Barca No. 468-A, Col. Barrera, Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Ph.: 33 3330 0306 and 33 2003 0936



Address: Marte No. 2, Col. Centro, Queretaro, Qro.
Ph.: 442 543 9600, ext. 130


Albergue “La Sagrada Familia”

Address: Tercera privada de Álvaro Obregón S/N, Col. Ferrocarrilera, Apizaco, Tlaxcala.
Ph.: 241 417 2432


Casa del Migrante Monseñor Guillermo Ranzahuer

Address: Ignacio Allende No. 926, Col. Barrio Cuarto, Oluta, Veracruz.
Ph.: 924 247 7394

Asylum Important documents:


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