How to apply for asylum in the UAE? International Protection in the United Arab Emirates

If you are afraid of persecution or inhumane treatment in your home country, you can apply for protection (asylum). Here is a brief description of how to apply for asylum or international protection in the UAE.

How to apply for asylum in the UAE?

  • To apply you must be either in UAE or at the border. (The only exception to this is refugee resettlement/quota).
  •  You have a responsibility to tell the Norwegian authorities the facts. Neither is punishable by statute.
  • To apply for the protection you must go to the police. You should go to the National Police Immigration Service offices. You are then sent to an Arrival Location.
  • The police will speak to you about registering your application. the UDI will interview you about why you are applying for protection. When you registered and interviewed you have the right to an interpreter. Interpreters have a responsibility to be confidential.
  • If you later have a child born in Norway or any city, you will need to apply for the child’s house permit.

Registration and Interview

  •  Police will register your application at Ankomstsenter Østfold.
  • The police are going to take your fingerprints and have a conversation with you.
  • You must state your name, age, and your address.
  • Send your passport and any other documents which you can tell us who you are.
  • You must also state your closest relative’s name, age, and address.
  • Policemen will also ask you other questions that you need to answer. Questions about your travel to Norway, for example, and why you apply for protection. 


  • Tuberculosis is going to check in the local hospital. 
  • You will get the proper information on your rights and duties as an asylum seeker by the Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS).
  • In the interview, you’ll get details about what it’s important to talk about.
  • After taking all the required measures, you can move to the reception center for asylum. The UDI will tell you when you will have your asylum interview. 

Unaccompanied minor asking for a cover

  •  Allowed to a representative if you are under 18 and you apply for defense without any support of your parents. 
  •  An aging test is also there.
  •  After licensed by police in the city, you will be dispatch to a type of transit center.

Can you work before it processes your application?

Check whether you can work as an asylum seeker before filling your application. Then look for how to apply for an asylum seeker work permit.

There are many types of different asylum applicants policies

  • If you are from a country where people can get support from their government, your asylum application can be dismissed within 48 hours.
  • If you are from Bangladesh, Belarus, Nepal, Russia (only an ethnic Russian), or Kosovo (only minorities), your asylum application will be processed within three weeks.
  • All other applicants have their applications reviewed under the usual procedure. That means you can remain in that city while your application is being processed by the UDI, and you will usually get an answer after a few months.
  • If you commit a crime and you do not need protection, the UDI must review and deny your application for asylum within a short time. So this information will help you to apply for asylum or international protection in the UAE.



I. Knowledge AGREEMENT
A State Party to the 1951 Conference on the Status of the United Arab Emirates
Refugees and its Protocol of 1967 (the Convention of 1951). Nor are the UAE a State Party to the Convention on Stateless Persons in 1954 or the Convention of 1961Convention on Statelessness Elimination.

  • The relationship between UNHCR and the government has no legal structure
  • The UAE. The UNHCR office in the UAE was then opened
  • He operates under the aegis of the UNDP in 1986. The UAE is welcome to attend UNHCR.
  • Effective obligations for all refugee issues in the current circumstances
  • The UNHCR shall determine the country’s status.

Although there is no legislative mechanism to govern asylum issues, the UAE Government fails to comply with international standards of protection of refugees. Including the fundamental non-refoulment principle.

A total of 707 asylum seekers and refugees were accepted as of 30 April 2012. Mandate) registered with the United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights Abu Dhabi, of which 75% are Iraqi. The rest of the involved

Caseload is comprised of a mixture of various nationalities of Iran, Sudan, and Somalia.

Support Services for Victims of Trafficking

Protect and assist all victims of trafficking, including male victims, with full respect for their
human rights, and include a human rights based approach in the investigation of cases of
trafficking that requires the needs of all victims to be placed at the core of any response.

Make provision for appropriate support, including the establishment of shelters for male
victims of labour exploitation as well as male victims of trafficking, in light of the prevalence
of labour exploitation of men in the UAE.

Provide funding on a regular basis to service providers and civil society in order to enable the
strengthening of the level of psychological support, training, rehabilitation and recovery
efforts for victims as well as translation assistance and counselling services to trafficked
persons including those who do not immediately wish their matter to come before the
authorities or to be repatriated.

Security for refugees

UNHCR commends that the United Arab States promotes training programs performed by refugee law. It includes immigration officers for law enforcement employees, Security, and airports. Such practices have increased the authorities’ ability to recognize. \

People in need and refer them to the UNHCR of international security. The UAE, therefore, UNHCR ‘s involvement has been accepted in many emergency asylum seekers cases. At or in custody at the airport. No forced case has been reported by UNHCR

invitation to the Special Rapporteur
The UNHCR commends the UAE Government’s initiative to invite and approve
Special Rapporteur on human trafficking, especially women and children, Ms. Joy
In April 2012, Ngozi Ezeilo.

The UNHCR was delighted with the knowledge that the Unique Rapporteur to the UAE on the subject of trafficking in human beings. And the Country ratification of the Transnational Organized Crime Conference and the Treaty Protocol on the Prevention of Trafficking of Persons, especially Women and Punishment
The Palermo Protocol (Children).Nationality constitutional changes. The Head of Administration, on the 40th National Day of the UAE, accepts the UNHCR decree Sheik Khalifah bin AlNahyan Zayed

To date, the acquisition of this decree has resulted in 1.117 children of UAE nationality born to women who belong to the UAE
Foreigners who met the citizenship criteria at the age of 18 years.


Step up efforts to raise awareness about all forms of trafficking in persons, including for labour exploitation, among the general population in the UAE, in order to promote understanding of what constitutes trafficking.

Constantly monitor and evaluate prevention work programmes and policies to ensure that it is
effective and non-stigmatizing and not contributing to unhelpful stereotyping of victims and
their communities.


Increase efforts to prosecute traffickers whilst guaranteeing fair trial rights consistent with
human rights based approach to criminal justice response.
Ensure that victims/witnesses are protected pre-trial, during and post-trial to avoid reprisal

International Framework

Ratify, without delay, the UN Convention on the human rights of Migrant Workers and their
families and the 2011 ILO Convention Concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers.
Continue its leadership role in the Arab region and beyond in combating human trafficking,
protecting the rights of foreign workers and their vulnerabilities to all forms of trafficking in

Strengthen partnership with source countries in all regions, including Africa and Latin
America, and extend cooperation for exchange of information and mutual legal assistance;
Provide some level of support in source countries to ensure prevention and awareness raising
and establishment of policies, mechanisms and comparable implementation levels, as well as
financial aid to create victim support funds in the less developed countries.

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