How To Apply For the Chile visa application?

Apply For Visa In Chile-

You need to know for which purpose you need to Apply for the chile visa application. You can also give a call on 044716270(#5) or If yes, follow the instructions below.

Steps For Applying Visa-

  1. Visit
  2. Click On The English Or Any Language Option.
  3. Then Select VISA over there.
  • They need to Stamp your Visa.
  • So, when the visa is ready.
  • You are required to courier Your passport.
  • And Once your Visa stamped there.
  • You also need to enter the country within 90 days.
  • You need to apply 30 to 60 days before your travel date.

Documents Required


1- Cover Letter-

  • Include your personal information.
  • And also the purposes of your trip to Chile. 
  • Please include your full name.
  • And also, contact individual telephone numbers in Chile, if applicable. 

It’s not a List of the given documents. It is an informative Message By You.


2- Passport and Visa.

The passport is valid for at least six months after your departure.


The photograph must be recent. And also should be clear a photo with a white background.

4- Application form.

The application form should type in English only.

5- Personal Detailed form.

6- An invitation from a Chilean citizen or a company.

7-Proof of funds.

That lets you and protect during the stay in Chile. This could be the last declaration of balance or the last slip of payment.

8- Booked Flight Proof

9- Hotel Bookings Or Booked Accompanied in chile.

  • Give information about your stay in Chile.
  • If you live with a relative, then you only need the signed note as proof of your stay.

Please note:

  • Giving above the information requested does not mean you will get a visa.
  • May request more information during the application process.
  • Once we have your visa signed.
  • We will arrange the processing of your visa and the documents that you will sign.

Work Visa

This VISA is for those who have a legitimate contract of employment and intend to work at chile. You’ll need to address the following for the submission.
  • The passport is valid;
  • Health certificates stating the applicant is not suffering from any infection / contagious decease;
  • Police officially released criminal records.
  • Letter of request to the Consul describing the time and the reasons for remaining in Chile.
  • A good explanation of their economic condition has to be given.
  • Friend address and telephone living in Chile.
  • The partner must also fill out the form and sign it if the applicant is married.
  • Also, it is advisable to include the telephone number of the applicant and the date of travel.
  • Passport size 3-photography.
  • Also, the applicant must present their employer with a work contract. The work contract has to be signed by the employer and approved by a Chilean public notary. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must legalize this text, too.
  • To stamp the VISA in the applicant’s passport, it is essential to get an appointment by email or by phone. When the applicant receives in touch with the Consulate, he will be told of the VISA amount. The balance payable in the Consulate account should be 60 300 57 22 11. The applicant must appear to pick up the visa in person, with his valid passport and the payment receipt.
For this form of visa, the most extensive period is two years. If the applicant wishes to remain in the country after this time, he/she may apply for the status of a permanent house.
Revalidation can be given only over four consecutive years. If a visa is issued, there are 90 days for the person to enter Chile.

Student Visa

What conditions do you have to fulfill to apply?

To have a professional degree, to be working now, to have been accepted by a Chilean university. And to fulfill the profile stated in the announcement.

How to apply?

The initial application documents must be maintained at the applicant’s Focal Point. And a copy must be submitted to the Chilean Embassy.

Which documents do I need to submit?

  • The application form of the Chilean government has to be filled in;
  • a photocopy of the degree certificate,
  • letter of sponsorship from the employer,
  • medical certificate,
  • summary of the reasons for choosing Chile to study,
  • letter of academic references,
  • the final note of acceptance from the university.

When is the application take place?

AgCI sets January 3 as the deadline for the receipt of records each year. But, a deadline for obtaining application records is set by the Focal Point of each of the invited countries.

When are the results provided?

In the case of the Postgraduate Scholarships, the results are reported on the website. Mostly during the last week of January or the first week of February. An official letter containing the products of the students is sent to Focal Point.
In the case of Certifying Diplomas, the results will be notified on the dates set out in the notices.

Where is the application approved?

At Latin American countries, Focal Point. In each announcement, the respective Focal Point records are noted as reported on Agci ‘s.

To whom is it aimed?

Latin American professionals, male or female, who meet the application. And all the admission criteria stated in the respective notice.


Send the complete documents,
following instructions, to the respective Focal Point before the deadline set by AgCI.
  • The practice is consistent with physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Meet the specifications set out in each notice published on the website.
  • The same applicants are those who have to check that they are in a state of being admitted from a theoretical point of view. Since specialties differ the requirements of eligibility, and each applicant represents a particular case from the point of view of admission.
In the separate announcement, the submission deadline is clearly stated.
  • Applications made within the period set out in the notice will not be approved.
  • The scholarships include an extension for Master’s Degree studies of up to 24 months. And one month for Certifying Diploma studies.
  • These are scholarships that allow you to choose from all kinds of Master Degree or Certifying Diploma Degrees offered by AgCI. These are entirely funded, provided the applicants meet the criteria.
AgCI disseminates and offers guidance on such reports, which are obtained in due time by the Chilean Department.
The final decision relating to this point depends solely on AgCI.


  • Fees may vary also.
  • It depends upon the applicant’s citizenship and visa form.
  • When your visa has been issued, you get an email with bank details.
  • The fee can only charged on receipt of a visa, not before.
For Indian nationals, the fees for a Chilean visa are 50 USD. But, you can reach Chile without a visa if you own a valid US Green card that is valid for at least 6 months.