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How to file for unemployment in California

If you have lost your job in California, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. To get California unemployment benefits, apply online at EDD, by mail or fax using the Unemployment Insurance Application, or over the phone at 1-800-300-5616.

In California, unemployment benefits provide temporary financial assistance to workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own. In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must be a Californian resident.

How to apply for unemployment

Go to the EDD website and access Benefit Programs Online by logging in or registering.

Continue by accepting the terms and conditions

Give your email address and phone number and set up a password.

Put a caption on the image you choose. You will need to answer four security questions.

Receive confirmation by mail.

Mail or fax using the Unemployment Insurance Application or see the pdf file.

How to file for unemployment in California

To file for unemployment in California, you must apply for unemployment benefits at UIOnlineSM.

If you are jobless or your working hours have decreased, you can request UI benefits. However, to meet the eligibility criteria for UI benefits, you must have earned sufficient wages during the base period to initiate a claim.

It’s important to keep in mind that unemployment benefits are only valid for up to 26 weeks, so it’s ideal to begin your job search as soon as possible.

To file your UI Claim, start with the following:

Log in to Benefit Programs Online.

Select UI Online to begin the filing process.

Choose File a Claim from the options provided.

Read and follow the UI Claim Filing Instructions, then select Next.

Provide general information, including details about your last employer and employment history.

Review the information you have provided on the Summary Page.

Select Submit to complete the filing process.

Keep the confirmation number displayed on the confirmation page for your records.

To get California benefits, you must reside in California and meet these requirements:

An important requirement is that you didn’t quit your job.

Your unemployment should be total or partial.

The reason for your unemployment should not be your fault.

You should be physically capable of working.

You need to be ready to work.

It’s important to show that you’re eager to start a new job right away.

You must continually look for a job.

To apply for benefits, you will need:

Previous employer’s name, address

Dates of employment

Hours and pay rate for the current week

Normal wage info

Alien Registration Number (if applicable)

Texas Driver’s License or ID number

To get assistance, Check out a guide on submitting your online benefit claim.

Reasons to Quit a Job and Collect Unemployment in California

In California, people can get unemployment benefits if they didn’t cause their job loss or had a valid reason to quit. Valid reasons include caring for family, domestic violence, health issues, discrimination, unsafe working conditions, finding another job, or relocating for family obligations.

What is the process for receiving my unemployment benefit

After three weeks, qualified workers receive unemployment benefits payment via a debit card. Disability Insurance is an option for those who are sick or injured and don’t qualify for unemployment benefits. If unemployed due to a disaster, UI benefits or Disaster Unemployment Assistance may be available.

If I quit my job, may I be eligible for unemployment benefits

If you decide to quit your job, a phone interview will be conducted with you and your employer after filing a claim to determine eligibility for unemployment benefits. To qualify, you must have had a valid reason for leaving and attempted to keep your job by requesting a leave of absence or transfer.

Acceptable reasons for quitting include unsafe working conditions, medical advice from a licensed physician, or protecting yourself or your child from domestic violence.

Can I collect UI Benefits if I am not a US citizen

To get unemployment benefits, you must prove that you could legally work in the US when you earned the wages used to establish your claim. You must also show proof each week that you’re still authorized to work and in good immigration standing. The Department of Homeland Security checks your status for the EDD.

Can I Attend College in California and receive Unemployment Benefits

If you live in California and are collecting unemployment benefits, you may be able to attend school while receiving benefits through the California Training Benefits (CTB) program. CTB lets you participate in an approved program without actively looking for work.

 What if I don’t get unemployment

You have 20 days to appeal in writing with reasons for disagreement. Submit via mail and keep filing weekly claims for payment if you win the appeal.

What happens after I file my unemployment claim

After you file your claim, you receive the following:

Notice of Unemployment Insurance Claim Filed DE 1101 CLMT pdf.

Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award DE 492Z pdf.

EDD Customer Account Number Notification DE 5614 pdf

Unemployment Insurance Benefits DE 1275B

Continued Claim DE 4581 – Use to re-certify eligibility for benefits every two weeks. Can also certify through UI OnlineSM or EDD Tele-CertSM.

Source: Employment Development Department

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