How to file for unemployment in Texas

If you have lost your job in Texas, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. To apply for unemployment in Texas and takes benefits, you must file a claim with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) or by calling (800) 939-6631.

In Texas, unemployment benefits provide temporary financial assistance to workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own. In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must be a Texas resident.

How to apply for unemployment

To apply for unemployment in Texas, follow these steps:

Create a new TWC User ID, log in with your existing one, or see the pdf file.

Apply for unemployment benefits.

Access your unemployment benefits correspondence online, sign up for Electronic Correspondence if you have a claim, or check out the tutorial for more information.

Upload requested documents to TWC online using the UI Submission Portal.

Verify your identity on your claim with ID.me, or learn how to do it by checking their information. or;

Call  at 800-939-6631

How to file for unemployment in Texas

To file for unemployment in Texas, you need to apply for unemployment benefits with the state where you worked during your base period. If you worked in more than one state, see If You Earned Wages in More than One State.

You must give accurate and complete details. If you don’t give information or give false information, you can get in trouble. If you lie about your identity or immigration status, you can get in trouble for perjury. The system makes a record for you based on the information you give them.

To get Texas benefits, you must reside in Texas and meet these requirements:

You’re either unemployed or working less because of reasons beyond your control.

You’ve worked in Texas during the last 12 months (or longer in some cases).

You have earned at least the minimum amount of wages set by Texas.

You meet the ongoing eligibility criteria, which include being able to and actively seeking work every week when you receive benefits

When to apply for benefits

It is important to apply for unemployment benefits as soon as possible after becoming jobless since your claim will begin the next week. However, you cannot submit your application before your final day of employment.

Apply for benefits via the state in which you had a base period of employment.

If you worked in many states, check if you earned wages.

If your prior work was with a temporary company or staff leasing organization, you have extra requirements:

If your previous work was with a temp agency:

You must contact them for a new assignment and wait three business days before filing for benefits. The agency has three days to give you a new assignment.

If you worked for a staff leasing firm, contact them immediately for new employment.

Learn how temporary employment impacts benefits.

To apply for benefits, you will need:

Previous employer’s name, and address.

Dates of employment.

Hours and pay rate for the current week.

Normal wage info.

Alien Registration Number (if applicable).

Texas Driver’s License or ID number.

To get assistance, Check out a guide on submitting your online benefit claim.

What is the process for receiving my unemployment benefit

Get paid by following the steps outlined by TWC. If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you may choose to have your money deposited directly into your bank account or loaded onto a debit card. The IRS requires that any money received from unemployment benefits be declared. Child support deductions might be taken from unemployment pay as well.

Contact the Attorney General’s Office (Child Support Division) and seek a review to reduce your child support payments if you find yourself in need of doing so. To adjust your child support order, you may utilize self-service forms.

Can I collect unemployment benefits without being required to search for a job

To receive unemployment benefits, you must complete a work search application within three days of your benefits application at workintexas.com. You must continue to look for work and complete the required number of work search activities each week, as instructed by TWC. Keep a record of your job search as proof of your efforts.

What if the TWC denies my unemployment claim

You may appeal by following these steps:

Check the deadline to appeal and follow the instructions in the decision letter.

Send a written appeal within 14 days of the mailed denial letter by fax or certified mail to prove it was sent before the deadline.

The TWC will schedule a telephone hearing if you appeal on time.

Make sure your contact information is correct.

The telephone hearing is your opportunity to present your case.

If you lose, you may file another appeal, but it’s harder to win.

If you win, the TWC will pay back the denied benefits; if you lose, you must repay the received benefits.

To learn more about unemployment benefits and the appeal process, visit the Texas Workforce Commission’s webpage on unemployment benefits. For additional resources, check out the Getting Texas Unemployment Benefits tool Lone Star Legal Aid offers.

Source: Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Law Help

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