How to find a job in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong provides many unique work prospects for ex-pats, the global financial sector center, and a crossroads between East and West. And while you need to have a job offer to start working in Hong Kong, certain occupations are eligible for exemptions (IT, financial, legal, and other specialists).

With many multinational companies preferring Hong Kong as their Asian base, the Hong Kong job market has many different job opportunities.
Whatever you want, to live well in Hong Kong, you will need to earn a lot. And while the average salaries for some occupations here are high, living comfortably in Hong Kong needs to be at least double the normal average.

In Hong Kong, the average working day is lengthy and exhausting. It is not uncommon to work overtime, and Saturday is considered a working day. The provision of social security depends on the duration of your territorial stay.

How to find a job In Hong Kong? 

English teaching is one of the best options as teaching is highly paid and respectful. But yes, you need the right qualifications to teach English a TEFL, or an ILETS score is , essential and you must have a good score. 

You can use recruitment agencies, online sources, classifieds, and ex-pat associations to find a job, although many jobs are found through social networking sites like Facebook groups and Instagram. 

Some Useful Websites



There are many resources through which you can easily find the posted jobs. One way is through the online job providing sites like indeedglassdoor, and quicker. There you can find many jobs from lower basic pay to higher pay jobs are posted there. But yes, you must be very careful while you apply through online job portals as the incidence of fraud is very common. 

Offline Mode: 


Suppose you are not at all an Online person then you can check the daily newspaper, as many vacancies have been posted in the newspaper too. But yes, you don’t need to search in between papers and mark with the pencil the jobs as nowadays the newspaper is also available online for that you can check the SCMP’s Hong KongHK NEWs.  I hope by reading this article you can find a job in Hong-kong.

Work prospects for foreigners in Hong Kong

The government of Hong Kong operates a Talent List program that enables individuals from specific careers to migrate to Hong Kong under the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. This could be the easiest way to get a job as a foreigner in Hong Kong as there is no need for applicants from specific fields to have a current job offer to get a visa. The eligible occupations are:

  • Actuarians
  • Professionals in wealth management (investment analysts and consultants and fund managers)
  • Professionals in the creative industries (recording and mastering engineers (music), cutting and pressing engineers (vinyl), game developers and manufacturers, professionals in the film industry)
  • Data scientists and cyber security experts
  • Professionals for dispute settlement and transactional attorneys
  • Professionals from Fintech
  • Experts in IT
  • Sea engineers and ships’ superintendents
  • Professionals from maritime insurance
  • Architects of the Naval
  • Specialists in Waste Management

Hong Kong Work Requirements

As reported in our guide’s Visa and Work Permits section, meeting the Hong Kong work visa requirements could be tricky. To be issued a visa to Hong Kong, one must have outstanding credentials and unique history and experience. In Hong Kong, the prospective employer also needs to provide normal working and compensation conditions and show that no local was sufficient for the position in question.
You may need to apply for a work permit under the General Jobs Policy to start working in Hong Kong as a foreigner legally.

Tips on Networking

Networking is very relevant in Hong Kong, just like in China, and it can lead you to a great job opportunity. Start by searching for social media for nearby networking events; you can attend field-related workshops or join meeting groups, such as InterNations. As those are very important in Hong Kong, carry some business cards with you, and be prepared to sell yourself. For a potential mention of an opening, communicate, mingle, indulge in small talk, and hold your ears out.

How to get jobs in Hong Kong

Learn some Mandarin or Cantonese 

Although English is a universal language and yes, it is also widely language in Hong Kong,, but many jobs in Hongkong often require an applicant to be fluent in Mandarin or Cantonese. 

Find a job on a visitor visa 

Some courageous ex-pats do this thing as with a visitor visa, you can stay in Hong Kong for 90 days (6 months for UK nationals), but this is not a good option. 

Get a transfer from your office to their branch office in Hong Kong

If your office has a branch in Hong Kong, then it will be the easiest and best way to get work in Hongkong.

How to apply for a Hongkong job?

Depending on what fits best for you, write your resume in English or Cantonese.
Neither would directly affect the chances of finding a career in Hong Kong in most situations.

A Hong Kong CV

The same guidelines that are recommended for European-style work applications should be followed for a Hong Kong-style CV. Your personal information, including your name, address, email address, and phone number, should be on top of your resume. It is better to include your age in most cases and avoid adding your picture. Your marital and visa status may also be placed on the resume, but it is not required. With your most recent accomplishments coming first, list the specifics of your education.
You can add a portion for extracurricular activities and special training, but do not elaborate too much.

Tips for the Interview

  • Start by gathering data about the business where you would like to land a job. This indicates that the prospective employer is committed to you.
  • Try to formulate questions about the organization and your new career. However, make sure you don’t ask questions to which you should know the answer.
  • Practice any special abilities, such as language abilities, especially Mandarin or Cantonese, that you have mentioned in your resume.
  • Your prospective employer will test your ability to figure out if the information is right and how well the job suits you. Answers to standard interview questions, such as the most significant strengths and weaknesses, should also be prepared. You will also stop being caught off guard and yet make a professional impression.