How to find a job in Tokyo

To find a job in Tokyo, research, network, and apply for jobs online and in person. You can start with Daijob and Townwork Everyone who wants to find a job in Tokyo needs to look for a job in Tokyo. You can look for recruitment agencies in Tokyo. And you can look for jobs on Facebook groups in Tokyo.

Once you find a job, you may need a work permit. You can do this from abroad or in Tokyo. In most cases, every other nationality wants to apply for a work permit to work with regular documents. You can do this together with your new employer or employment agency. Or you can find a work visa scheme to come to Tokyo without a job offer. Read more below on how to find a job in Tokyo.

All websites linked in this article are in English. Use Google Translate or any other translation app if you need to.

First, find a job, and then you will worry about a work permit if you need it.

How to get a job in Tokyo

You can find a job in Tokyo by searching online for job opportunities in Tokyo. You can find a job either with a company or a recruitment agency.

Japanese citizens and residents do not need a work permit to find a job. In most cases, every other nationality wants to apply for a work permit to work with regular documents.

Job websites in Tokyo

To find a job, try using search engines like Baidu, Google, Naver, Sogou, or Yandex. For example, try to search “Construction worker in Tokyo” or “Hotel Manager in Tokyo,” and don’t just stick to the first few pages of the results.

Try different job websites until you find what you’re looking for. You can also look for organizations that may have job openings, like “Cooking Chef in Tokyo” or “Housekeeper in Tokyo.”

Many job websites can help you find work in Tokyo. Some of them are focused on specific professions and industries.

Search for a job on these popular job websites below:











Facebook groups and other social media to get a job in Tokyo

Facebook groups help you to connect with people about jobs in Tokyo. I found these groups talking about jobs in Tokyo. You can look for more.

Jobs in Tokyo – 東京の求人

Tokyo Job Seekers

Part time job in Japan Group

Jobs For Foreigners Living In Japan – Jobs In Japan☑️

Jobs in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa

Get a part-time job in Japan!!

Part time jobs in Tokyo

Japan jobs & employment

Recruitment agencies in Tokyo

Google Maps, Baidu Maps, Naver Maps, 2GIS, or any other map app can help you find employers near or abroad.

You can look up a recruitment agency that can help you. You can type “recruitment agency near Tokyo” on Google Maps or any other map app. There, you can find a list of relevant agencies you can contact. If you are not in Tokyo, search your area for local recruitment agencies. They can help you find a job in Tokyo.

Be aware that you should not pay an agency when they find a job for you. So be careful when an agency asks you for money.

Ask around you for jobs in Tokyo

To find a job in Tokyo, speak with any person who may have traveled or worked in Tokyo. You will see that some of your friends or family know someone to help you. Ask around and find opportunities among your contacts. Below is, for example, a Google Maps search for “factory near Tokyo.”

Walk around anywhere in Tokyo for possible jobs

If you are somewhere in Tokyo, you can explore the area and see what job opportunities are around you. You can look for organizations and businesses around you and visit them. For example, below is a search on Google Maps for “market near Tokyo.” You can see these places to ask for job opportunities.

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How to find a job in Japan

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