How To Find A Job,List Of Top Paid Jobs In Palestine

Enrich with olive trees, beautiful beaches, and with 650 stone producing sites, Palestinian is definitely a great tourist attraction. In spite of all the harsh relationship with Israel. Geographical Palestine is in the West part of Asia. Not only this but there are two separate areas, the West Bank and Gaza in the country. So, if you are planning to go there you must check some best places to stay in Palestine
Now, coming to how you can find a job in Palestine. The first thing to discuss is the population as it matters a lot in the employment ratio of any state, country. However, it has a population of 50.5 lakh as of 2020 and an area of 6,220 km². So, with a moderate population, it is not tough to get a job in Palestinian. 
The best thing about Palestinians is that several currencies are commonly used in it. For example, the US dollar, Jordanian dinars, and Israeli new shekels. Not only this but the Egyptian pound is also accepted in Gaza. However, the widely used language in Palestinian is Arabic.

Some Sites From Where You Can Find Job In Palestine  The most trusted and is used by more than half a million professionals from all sectors. The site has job posting for international and local jobs in Palestine.

Indeed:  Indeed it is one of the oldest job portals. So if you want to find a job you can check this site too.

Highest Paying Jobs In Palestine/Isreal 

According to here are the top 12 highly paid jobs in the Isreal region that cover Palestine too. 

List of top 12 high-earners in the public sector are: 

  1. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) CEO Yossi Weiss — NIS 125,549 per month/36,742.68 United States Dollar
  2. The senior Rafael employee whose job is confidential — NIS 113,980 per month/33356.94 United States Dollar
  3. A navigator at the port of Ashdod —NIS 99,373 per month/29082.11 United States Dollar
  4. ELTA Systems CEO Nissim Hadas — NIS 98,160 per month/28727.12 United States Dollar
  5. Israel Electric Corporation CEO Ofer Bloch — NIS 97,190 per month/28443.24 United States Dollar
  6. A surgeon at Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv — NIS 94,449 per month / 27641.07 United States Dollar
  7. Maccabi Healthcare Services CEO Ran Saar — NIS 93,538 per month/ 27374.46 United States Dollar
  8. Pi Glilot Oil and Pipe Terminals CEO Avi Dotan—NIS 92,108 per month/ 26955.97 United States Dollar
  9. Open University President Prof. Yaakov Metzer — NIS 90,990 per month /26628.78United States Dollar
  10. Bnai Zion Medical Center Director Dr. Amnon Rofe — NIS 90,409 per month/26458.74 United States Dollar
  11. The leading physician for the National Insurance Institute — NIS 90,006 per month/26340.80 United States Dollar
  12. Israel Airports Authority legal advisor Aryeh Shaham — NIS 87,287 per month/ 25545.07 United States Dollar