How to find an apartment in Australia

How to find an apartment in Australia?

To find an apartment in Australia, you can start with property portals like or Flatmates. You can look for Facebook groups about apartments in Australia. Ask friends and acquaintances. If you are in Australia, check classified ads at community centers on bulletin boards, and in newspapers. Or take the help of the local real agent who may charge extra commission but help you to search the home faster.

When you find an apartment you need to consider certain points. These include the city, location, and budget. They depend on your lifestyle preferences. We will be discussing certain topics related to how to find an apartment in Australia.

How to find an apartment in Australia?

For renting an apartment in Australia you need to understand how it all works.

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Learn the terminology

Everyone must learn the language to ease their search. Apartments are also flats in Australia. Houses in Australia are large houses with outdoor space. Apartments with one room are studio flats. While units are large apartments.

Pick the location

Take your time to know about the various neighborhoods when you are in a new city in Australia. Rental rates differ depending upon the city you select to stay in.

Begin your search

You can use newspapers, the internet, or even real estate agents. If you are abroad, and you can afford it, you can use a destination service provider.

Decide on viewing

When you find out a property, shortlist it, and reach out to the agent or the landlady. Without seeing the tenant in person they will not rent a property. At times agents organize open houses where the room is accessed by more people at a time.
You can reach out to an agent, and a landlord, by either leaving a message, phone call, or even email.

Contract and deposits

In Australia, there is no such rule for how much rent you should pay in advance. Often, it is the sum of rent for four to six weeks. That is a security deposit and it is also known as a bond.
The bond is insurance from any harm or unpaid rent or bills.
A long-term lease in Australia will be for six to twelve months.

Both you and the proprietor must sign A contract. A copy must be there with both parties. A contract must have the following details:

  • Agent’s name, address, phone number, and registration number if any
  • Landlord’s name, address, and phone number
  • Name of all the tenants
  • Rental address
  • Sum of the rent and payment terms
  • Monto of the bond
  • Leasing period
  • Who will pay for the supply and use of water
  • List of domestic appliances
  • More clauses if applicable, like clause for pets
  • Appointment day and date.

Real Estate websites in Australia

You can start the below-mentioned portals for your apartment search. is a very popular real estate website in Australia.
Domain is a popular real estate website in Australia.
Allhomes is a real estate website in Australia. is a share accommodation website in Australia.
Realestate View is another real estate website in Australia.

What is the rent for the apartment in Australia?

The rent in Australia differs according to the city where you decide to rent an apartment. It is generally charged weekly.

100 Australian Dollars, or AUD, is around 75 US Dollars, or USD. They are also around 68 Euros, or EUR, or 5,700 Indian Rupees, or INR, or 475 Chinese Yuan, or CNY.

Sydney has houses for 600 AUD per week and has units for 500 AUD.

Canberra has houses for 650 AUD per week and has units for 525 AUD.

Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane have houses for 600 AUD per week and have units for 500 AUD.

Adelaide has houses for 450 AUD per week and has units for 350 AUD.

What do you need to rent a flat in Australia?

For renting a flat in Australia the landlord or agent may ask certain documentation. Those include:

  • Evidence of identity
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months or proof of income
  • References
  • Information about your employment
  • Leasing contracts
  • Down payment

Can foreigners rent an apartment in Australia?

Yes, foreigners – be it ex-pats or students anyone can rent an apartment in Australia. They need to do a bit more paperwork and preparation before renting an apartment.

What are the types of apartments available for rent in Australia?

Living with a family

This type of apartment gives you a family support network that helps to ease your life in Australia. When you stay with a family you have a furnished bedroom. You get most meals and you get internet as well as other utilities. This type of stay costs between 250 AUD and 300 AUD a week.

Temporary apartment

If you are moving far from your previous home you may need a place for a short stay. Temporary or short-term accommodation allows you to explore better permanent living options. You can book short-term accommodations before you arrive.

Dorms and student apartments

Universities in Melbourne and Victoria have housing officers to help students find apartments.

Budget accommodation and hostels

Hostels here offer cheap and short-term apartments. They have a mix of private rooms as well as dormitories. You can even check out the website such as YHA Australia at


For low-cost hotels, you can try booking online through discount accommodation websites. Websites such as live offer advance and last-minute discounts.

Luxury hotels and apartments

For luxury hotels and apartments, you can book them on various sites available on the web.

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