How to find an apartment in Canada

How to find an apartment in Canada?

You can find an apartment in the local newspapers, in Facebook groups, or on websites. You can start with or Kijiji. Or take the help of the local real agent who may charge extra commission but help you to search the home faster.

Most of the following linked resources are in English or French. Use Google Translate, or any other translation service, if you need it.

How to find an apartment in Canada?

When you look for a house in Canada, you can ask for referrals from your friends and family. And check classified ads at community centers on bulletin boards and in newspapers. And search online classified ads and real estate websites. You can visit rental agency websites. Or you can take help from a local community support organization. If you are in Canada, search for ‘rent’ signs on houses or buildings.

Real estate websites in Canada

Visit online websites like the following. is a very popular property website in Canada. is a very popular website in Canada about renting or buying a place in Canada. It focuses on Quebec and British Columbia. is popular and is about buying property in Canada.

DuProprio is a popular website in Canada about renting or buying a place in Canada. It focuses on Quebec.

Point2homes is a very popular real estate website in Canada

Remax is another real estate website in Canada. is about renting apartments, houses, and condos in Canada.

More useful websites to find an apartment in Canada

These are more websites that can be useful when you are looking for a place to live.

Kijiji is a very popular website of classifieds in Canada. It has listings on accommodation and housing in Canada.

Craigslist is classifieds in Canada. It has house and apartment listings in many Canadian cities. is classifieds in Canada. It focuses on rentals listings as well.

Les Pac is classifieds in Quebec, Canada. It has real estate and rentals in Quebec, Canada.

Facebook groups and social media about finding an apartment in Canada

Facebook groups help you to connect with people about housing in Canada. I found these groups about apartments in Canada. You can look for more.

VANCOUVER | Places For Rent is a popular Facebook group about places to rent in Vancouver.

Roommates / apartments for rent in Toronto is a group about apartments in Toronto.

Montreal Apartments For Rent1 ! is another group for apartments in Montreal.

International Students in Canada is a very popular group of international students. It has listings of rooms and apartments in Canada.

You can use your favorite social media to look for groups that talk about rentals or about Canada. Any social media or communication platform can help you to find a room in Canada. It can be for example Instagram or any WhatsApp group of people in Canada.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is a housing agency by the Canadian government. It also helps outsiders and refugees who are searching for accommodations. The information provided by them is for anyone who wants to buy a house or rent an apartment. Refugees get help here to find temporary housing. This is part of the Resettlement Assistance Program.

Before finalizing a place to rent you should make a list of the questions that you must ask the owner. In Canada, your house owner may ask you about the details of where you work, review your credit history. They can ask about your current income. If you need it, you can ask for help from a local housing rights organization.

Things to remember in search of accommodation in Canada

Points to remember when you search an accommodation in Canada.

  • Rentals start in Canada on the 1st of each month and a smaller number becomes available on the 15th of each month. So, if you are moving from far, plan your trip according to these dates.
  • It is always advisable to arrive two weeks before the end of the month. So you get plenty of time to learn about the environment there and find a suitable apartment in Canada.
  • Rental accommodation in Canada is generally furnished, so ask for a visit. See what are the conditions of the furniture in the apartment before signing. As after it may take time and money to furnish a house.
  • Many houses and apartments in Canada want a security deposit equal to at least half a month’s rent.
  • Your rent may or may not include the cost of services, such as electricity and water.
  • Try Craigslist for cheap or free things. As individuals move and will often sell their possessions at knock-down prices. The best time to get good deals on furniture is towards the end of the month.
  • Know your rights as a tenant. In the province to which you plan to move, get acquainted with tenancy law.
  • Some scams try to fool individuals into paying deposits on non-existent apartments. When looking for accommodation in Canada, beware of fake advertising.

How much is an apartment in Canada?

100 Canadian Dollars, or CAD, is around 80 US Dollars, or USD. Those are around 70 Euros, EUR, or 6000 Indian Rupees, INR, or 500 Chinese Yuan, or CNY.

Accommodation in Canada ranges according to the place you want. One bedroom outside of the center can be 1,400 CAD. 1,600 CAD per month is for a one-bedroom in the center. 2,000 CAD is for a three-bedroom in the center. A place with three bedrooms outside of the center is 1,700 CAD.

These are rent prices in five cities in Canada. It’s an average of rents for a studio, a one-bedroom, a two-bedroom, or a three-bedroom.

Moncton, New Brunswick, can have an average rent per month of 900 CAD. You can explore more at, Point2homes, or Remax.

Quebec City, Quebec, can have an average rent per month of 750 CAD. You can explore more at Louer, or Rentals.

Montreal, Quebec, can have an average rent per month of 1,700 CAD. You can explore more at Realtor.

Hamilton, Ontario can have an average rent per month of 1,600 CAD. You can explore more at Remax, or Kijiji.

Abbotsford, British Columbia, can have an average rent per month of 1,400 CAD. You can explore more on

Can foreigners rent in Canada?

Yes, most apartments and houses are available for rent to anyone in Canada. You need to submit a security deposit equal to at least half a month’s rent. If you rent as a foreigner then some owners may need a guarantor who has Canadian documents.

Payments and leases on rentals in Canada

You may likely have a fixed term, sometimes one year lease signed. This term can be further extended after the first term elapses. Or it can turn into a month-to-month deal. So before signing the contract have discussions with the landlady. The rules for increasing rents may vary from province to province.

For example, rent rises in Ontario must be at least 12 months apart, and tenants must know at least 90 days in advance. The rent increase is set by provincial governments, and it is around 2 percent on average. Landlords need special permission to raise the rent above such an increase.

What is Canada’s cheapest place to live?

You get many options for renting or buying accommodation in Canada. And you need to adjust according to your budget. Montreal, in Quebec, is the most affordable city to rent among the larger Canadian cities. You can still find a small place to rent for under 1000 CAD, and less if you want to share accommodation. Other smaller cities in Quebec have affordable housing, like Quebec City and Gatineau.

In Ontario and Quebec, people seeking affordable rentals can look to smaller cities.

Ontario has both the most expensive and cheapest rental towns in Canada. Hence, look at the smaller cities in Quebec and Ontario for cheap accommodation. At a fraction of the price, you will find in Toronto, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie and Cornwall have decent accommodation for sale.

Accommodation in Canada

In Canada, various kinds of rental accommodation are including houses, condominiums, and apartments.
Some houses will be available for rent in their entirety. While some houses are split into several units. A ‘duplex’ is a house split into two units. It’s known as a triplex, split into three. Rental rooms are also available, with shared living and bathroom facilities.

The smallest apartments for rent in Canada are called ‘bachelor’ apartments. They have both the bedroom and the living room are in one single room. Apartments and houses can also have several bedrooms and separate living areas.
If you are coming from outside of Canada, it is crucial to at least have somewhere lined up for your first few nights. In urban areas, hostels and hotels are plentiful. Although you want to book in advance so you have the widest range of accommodation available. Hostelworld, Airbnb Canada, or has many short-stay accommodations to fit any budget.

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