How to find an apartment in Germany? Accomodation in Germany

Plenty of resources are available to find an apartment in Germany. Those are websites, Facebook groups, or classifieds. A good start is Immo Scout24, Ebay Kleinanzeigen, or Munich apartments for rent.  Shared apartments are cheaper than a single room or renting a flat.

How to rent an apartment in Germany is similar whether you are a resident or a new foreigner in Germany. Half of the population lives in Germany on rent, as is very common in Germany.

The following links lead to resources in German or English. Use Google Translate if you need. Of any other translation tool you like.

How to find an apartment in Germany

When you search for an apartment or a room, you get options according to your need such as:

  • single room
  • single room in a shared apartment,
  • studio apartments,
  • furnished apartment,
  • full flats and house
  • rooms

Shared apartments are cheaper than a single room or renting an entire flat.

These are some property portals for finding an apartment to rent. They are about renting, buying, selling, rooms, apartments, houses, and more.

Immo Scout24 is very popular in Germany. It’s about renting, buying, selling, rooms, apartments, houses, and more.

Ebay Kleinanzeigen is a  very popular classified website. It has listings about renting, selling, rooms, apartments, and more.

Immo welt is another very popular real estate website in Germany. is another popular real estate website in Germany. is another popular real estate website.

Wohnungs is another real estate website.

These websites feature various unfurnished apartments for renting purposes. These sites operate in the German language. The best way is to get through is by translating the page. And it becomes easier to navigate the basic information. Online portals are a popular way to find homes in Germany.

Each listing will help us with the location, photographs, prices, features, and so on. Once you turn in the updates, they will send you daily emails with a listing according to your needs.

These are some Facebook groups. They are about renting an apartment and finding accommodation in Germany. You can find more.

Roommates / apartments for rent in Berlin is about finding accommodation in Berlin.

Munich apartments for rent is a Facebook group about finding accommodation in Munich.

Apartments BERLIN – INDIANS is a Facebook group about finding accommodation in Berlin. It focuses on Indian nationals.

Berlin Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets is about finding housing in Berlin.

Frankfurt Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets is a Facebook group about finding accommodation in Frankfurt.

These are online portals for searching for furnished apartments and flatshares.

Homelike is about monthly stays around Europe.

Tempo flat is an online portal for short and mid-term rental.

What documents do I need for renting in Germany?

These are some of the documents you may need when you are renting accommodation. The documents you need depend on how you are renting and from whom. If you are subletting a room for a few weeks from the original renter, you only need to give some deposit in advance. While if you are renting from an agency, you will need more paperwork.

You need to register your new address within two weeks after moving to a new apartment. You need to visit a Rathaus (that is a town hall), online or in person. Submit a form there with the following documents:

  • Filled registration form
  • Identity cards or passports, children’s cards, or birth certificates of all the people who are in the house
  • Rental agreement
  • Registration form signed by the person who is renting the apartment.

View the apartment once before you rent it. You might need some of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Proof of Income for the last three months
  • A signed document from the last landlady
  • SCHUFA score/credit records document
  • Bank Statement
  • Guarantor

Rental prices in Germany

Rent prices increase every year in Germany because people prefer renting to buying. It is growing with time causing the shortage. At times landladies receive hundreds of applications for one house. Berlin has a low home-ownership rate of 15 percent.

Munich is the most expensive city for rent in Germany. And the list goes on with Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Hamburg. Berlin is getting pricey and has the fastest rising rent of other cities in Germany. The average rent in Germany for a one-bedroom apartment is the following in cities in Germany.

100 Euros are roughly 110 USD, or 8400 INR or 700 CNY.

  1. Leipzig 500 Euros
  2. Cologne 750 Euros
  3. Stuttgart 850 Euros
  4. Berlin 900 Euros
  5. Frankfurt 900 Euros
  6. Hamburg  900 Euros
  7. Munich 1,150 Euros

What to expect when you rent a house in Germany?

Security deposits in Germany shouldn’t exceed the sum of between two to three months’ rent. This money is returned to you shortly after moving out, depending on the state of the property.
It is advisable to take the count of the stocks or any damages in the apartment before moving in. You can take photos and written notes and send them to the owner. This will protect you if the owner claims that the damage was made during your tenure.

Is it hard to find an apartment in Germany?

It’s hard to find an apartment if you are not in Germany. It’s easier to find an apartment if you speak German as it is less work for the landlord.

Ending the tenancy in Germany

Renter’s rights are protected in Germany. And it is very difficult for the landlords to finish the tenancy. It can be ended only on certain reasons such as:

  • The landlady requires the property for their own use (either they want to sell their house or move in).
  • If the tenant regularly fails to pay the rent on time.
  • When the tenant uses the property that violates the agreement.
  • Tenant’s anti-social behavior.

The above cover picture shows somewhere in Germany. Photo by Jens Lindner on Unsplash