How To Find Work in Nigeria

Are you planning to work in Nigeria? Or want to move in there. We have some useful information for you.
Nigeria is in West Africa. However, the official language is English.

Ways To Find Work in Nigeria

Always the website is a good option if you are moving to a new country or places. So, here is some website to help you.

Job Search Engines

  • Jobberman: Jobberman is one of the large job search industry across Nigeria.
  • Job List Nigeria: After passing through these search engines, you’ll see that they tend not to be all that unique in terms of their interface. Job List Nigeria belongs to the category which is not so unique. It does, however, have legit job posts.
  • Rigzone: Jobs opening in the oil and gas industry.
  • Gigajob: This site is newer than the rest, but is a solid job board available in several different languages not only in Nigeria but also in 150 countries around the world.
Other Websites and Blogs
  • TelegraphHas articles on jobs in the oil and gas industry.
English Teaching Jobs
Teaching English is a very good option. In case, you are a native English speaker. All the sites provided below are almost similar. But, they have a massive amount of teaching English job opening. You can just browse through each of the sites. Also, you will surely find some English job opportunities in the DRC.
ESL EmploymentThe site has not much user-friendly interface. But, who cares about website design when you have so many English teaching job options to choose from.
Total ESL: The site has a very busy interface. but also has a lot of job postings for teaching jobs abroad.
Linkedin: Last but not least, this huge professional social network. It is a resource where you can build contacts in the field and where your interest lies.
That’s all about jobs finding sites in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For more jobs related information across various part of the country check out our site. You can also check the useful information about the visa

There you got it. The best places to find jobs in Nigeria as a foreigner. For visa information for Nigeria please check out my visa page for Nigeria.

In Nigeria, why is it hard to get a job?

  • It can seem not easy to get a job in Nigeria to find gold on the street.
  • It seems like the number of work seekers has surpassed the number of jobs available: there is an inequality, a gap that might not have been fixed for a very long time. The number of graduates mobilized for the National Youth Service Corps is so immense that it is hard for most corps members to get a primary assignment spot.
  • Therefore, the eligibility of graduates and job seekers for available jobs has been significantly diminished by the standard of education: this is a very significant point, we see how far the education system has been diluted, unqualified teachers delivering half-baked graduates, malpractices from secondary school level and corruption when it comes to university admission, not university admission. Students are bribing their way and purchasing ratings from one level to the other.
  • If you’re an accountant and can’t manage necessary reports and ledgers, and all you have is a beautiful CV, your resume may get you to the point of meeting the interviewer, but it certainly won’t get you the job. Can they show that they went through school?
  • Age restriction and poor work experience: Another reason people don’t get jobs is that an applicant might be eligible for a job because of the job criteria in terms of age, but if he is over 25 years old, he does not apply. Employers appear to be particularly searching for younger candidates who can be more zealous, and they tend to take the pain of educating them rather than recruiting someone with a lot of experience.
  • Tribalism, favoritism, nepotism, and all kinds of sentimentality: getting a job in Nigeria is almost an impossible task for those who have no ties to the people at the helm. You notice that people who know someone sitting in a high place are more likely than an eligible person who doesn’t know anybody to get the job.

When do you begin preparing your quest for a job?


The job or career path you choose for yourself, especially in Nigeria, is not necessarily dependent on studying in school.

Based on their talents, many have gotten employment where their course of study could not fit in. In Nigeria, you will find a physicist who knows the French and Spanish languages working in a bank and translating for foreign clients.

How to Look for a Nigerian Job?

  • Think about your preferences and dislikes, and what you need and expect from the job:
    You know your talents. Peers may have told you that you are good at something. This is not achieved overnight. You target your quest to enterprises, sectors, or organizations that want what you give when it’s time for that gift to start delivering monetary profits. It will feel like you are being paid for doing what you enjoy when your passion is your career, so the job is easy on you.
  • Regularly update your resume: Do not continue to circulate the first draught of the resume that you have since it is presumed that the more one progresses, the more experience is gathered that can be included in your resume. The new expertise has been applied to all the certificate courses you have just completed that will be useful in the line of work you are looking for; everything can be added on the ground to the profile. This demonstrates your resourcefulness and it demonstrates your seriousness on your part.

So, all on how to get a job in Nigeria. Keep searching and you will get one.