How to get a job in Bahrain?

Bahrain aka the Kingdom of Bahrain is a country in the Persian Gulf. The language used by Bahraini is Arabic. Since English is the most commonly spoken language in the workplace, fluency in Arabic is not needed. Knowing a few Arabic phrases, on the other hand, is always useful and will be appreciated by your Arabic colleagues.

Bahrain is a popular destination for ex-pats from around the world, consistently ranking among the top ten places to work as an ex-pat in surveys. It provides many highly qualified workers, a high standard of living, and no personal income taxes.

Some interesting facts that you can’t miss about Bahrain:

  • Size-wise, It is the third smallest nation in the Aisa after Maldives and Singapore. ( This can be asked by your interviewer..hehe).
  • Manama is the largest city and the capital of Bahrain. The capital is also home to many large financial structures. So, if you are looking for jobs in the financial sector, you search for jobs in Manama.
  • It has a high Human Development Index and is accepted as the high-income economy by the World Bank.

How to get a job in Bahrain?

Most ex-pats find work in Bahrain before they transfer by contacting foreign recruiting firms. Or directly contacting Bahraini HR departments to apply for jobs. If you already work for a multinational corporation, you might be able to move to Bahrain. Finding work through your own connections and networking is also a common method. But, if don’t have any job then, in that case, you can check the website mentioned below.

Job Search Engines and Classifieds

We have mentioned some sites below that can be useful for you to get a job in Bahrain. But with the sites mentioned below, you can expect a low response rate of 0.5 to 1.0 percent. The people who will respond to you after receiving your application/CV. Nonetheless, I urge you to give these places a shot because you never know what you’ll find or what connections you’ll make just by sending an e-mail or filling out a form.

HRSD Government Offical site: 

This is an official government site for jobs in the Saudia Arabia region. It is run by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudia Arabia.

How this site can help you?

This system allows job seekers to register their personal information, list their professional experience, and connect required documentation in order to apply for jobs that match their qualifications. : 

It is the most used website to find the latest jobs available in the middle east nowadays.

How this site can help you?

It has a number of jobs opportunity in almost every sector. It has work from home jobs as well. You can create a CV also on this site. Or, you can read the blogs about the jobs and some tips on how to ace an interview. : is an Internet-based portal that connects employers with eligible Saudi Arabian job seekers as well as professionals from around the world.

How this site can help you?

If you are targeting to get a job in Saudia Arabia then this site can be of your help. You can also subscribe to email notifications to get weekly job openings.


Indeed is an international job website but it is also one of the most visited job sites in Bahrain.

Contact Local Recruitment Agency In Bahrain

More job seekers are turning to employment agencies for assistance with the recruiting process. A good agency can be a valuable long-term career partner in addition to finding you more prospects with hiring managers.

Consider it a big red flag if the recruiting firm charges you a premium for their services. Legitimate companies are compensated by the recruiting firm, not by the applicants they place. Even if they find you a job, avoid signing any contracts that require you to pay a fee.

How to find a recruitment agency In Bahrain:

You can search on google about the nearest recruitment agency. It will show you the agency which you can visit. Nowadays there are many online agencies too.


They have been providing permanent and contract recruitment services to the GCC region since 2005. They are partners with many reputed companies and will help you to get a better job.

CCM Recruitment:

CCM is a leading international healthcare staffing firm with over 25 years of experience placing healthcare professionals in exciting and demanding positions around the world. You can definitely try this one if you are working in the health care industry.

Finding a job is not an easy task but if you try these things and you have skills then you can get a job easily. You can also try to make your network strong by joining Facebook groups and connecting to people through LinkedIn. If you are a fresher first try to get an internship rather than a job.

Best sectors in Bahrain for work remotely:

  • The economy of Bahrain is strongly supported by the oil and gas industries. Hence, it has many job opportunities for miners and chemical engineers.
  • The tourism and banking sectors are also growing fast here. So, it is not wrong to say that, it has many jobs in these sectors too.

Best jobs in Bahrain for work from home:

  • Data Analyst
  • Salesperson
  • Typing jobs
  • Website Design and Development

Please note that: Check for fraud or legitimate jobs before applying to it. 

What are the most important things apart from your talent and skills that you will need to work in Bahrain?

Obviously, as a foreigner, you will face a hard time in finding a job but with some research, you can tackle all the difficulties easily.

Things you will need to work in Bahrain:

  • Work visa,
  • Residency permit,
  • A CPR card (basically an identification document),
  • Knowledge of Arabic language,
  • A lot of patience with strong determination to get a job 🙂

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