How to get a job in Chile? A quick guide for foreigners and for Chileans

 Chile has plenty of resources for foreign investors and ex-pats. Read our guide to find out more about working in Chile. It is from how to go about the job hunt to company etiquette and taxation.

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How to get a job in Chile?

With the sites below, you can expect to get a 0.5 to 1.0% response rate. People who will respond to you to whom you sent your application/CV. Besides, I encourage you to give these sites a try as you never know what you will come up with. Or what connections you can make from a simple e-mail or application.
It is a big job search website with several chances in Chile.
It is run by’s guys.
  • The chilian edition of, the American job search site
It has a horrible layout, as I said in my post on work in Panama. The choice of employment is better than the appearance of your web. It is nice.
Another career search engine like most of the above guys. Give a shot, worthwhile.
It has an outstanding career platform on different levels.
Emol has a strong range of day jobs for white sticks.
Handpicked websites that allow you to look for jobs in countries or regions around the globe. 

English teaching

English is the easiest choice for you. All the sites below are very similar and offer a wide range of English-language work options. Check each site for job possibilities in Chile. Be sure to check out this table from the International TEFL Academy. It shows how much money teachers in different countries around the world can expect to make.
Not the best layout, but who needs a nice website if you have too many English work choices.
Busy software, but many works offers for teaching positions in other countries.
Dave is doing an outstanding job of producing some of the world’s best job opportunities.
Tesall: Aggregator of large teaching workers. 
 One of North America’s oldest, biggest teacher recruiters. 
A fantastic list of Latin American English teaching contacts.

Work portals abroad and ex-pat

An international website I used to hire managers. This website gets directed at high-quality job seekers.
My preferred web-based financial search engine. During my days on Wall Street, I used them. For Chile, but, they are restricted.
I sometimes find that the posts on this site and those on other pages are overlapping.
This site was around besides for a while.
I was always a GoAbroad fan. You can find where I connect to their global embassy directory.
They also have an outstanding work platform.
These guys were a long time around. A place to check out, but the bunch isn’t the best.
This massive professional social network is, last but not least, a resource for developing connections in the field and place of your interest.

Chilean job

In a nutshell:

  • Chile has one of South America’s strongest economies. That is backed by many trade deals with countries around the world.
  • As a foreigner, it can sometimes be difficult to get jobs in chile.
  • It is because of the complicated conditions of visas and work contracts.

So, let’s quickly know how to apply for a visa to chile?

You need to know for which purpose you need to Apply for the chile visa application. You can also give a call on 044716270(#5) or email-[email protected].

For further information, check here. Here, you will get to know about the steps and more details about it.

  • In the Chilean workplace, a strong understanding of Spanish is invaluable. It is one that will help you gain the respect of your Chilean colleagues.

Jobs requiring Spanish

Once you start speaking Spanish you get access to the same job opportunities as Chileans. Note but that opportunities may vary from back home.

1) Employers tend to assume that you work only in the field you obtained your degree in. And, regardless of your extra-curricular activities or previous work experience.

  • You’ll become a doctor if you’ve studied medicine.
  • You’ll become a history teacher if you’ve studied history.

2) Employers tend to value some degrees and universities more than others.
It is considered that a degree in engineering, law, medicine, or economics is better than a degree in social science, humanities, or arts.

  • Universities in the US and the United Kingdom are assumed to be of greater quality.

3) In some areas, like NGOs or international organizations, there are few jobs.

4) Finally, the Chilean government does not allow foreigners to work unless they go through a long-term process.

Jobs that need no Spanish

If you’re not at an advanced stage of Spanish, you’ll most likely be looking at the following positions:

  • Teacher of English at a private school- 400-800k CLP/month, that is 600-1200USD/month
  • By providing private lessons -5-13k CLP/hour, that is 7-16USD/hour
  •  Receptionist- 300-700k CLP/month, that is 450-900 USD/month
  • Sale to other foreigners homemade goods.
  • Skilled roles within foreign businesses that must a broad domain of English.


How to apply for jobs?

  1. You will be ready to apply for local jobs once you have your work permit accepted.
  2. Where you get jobs In Chile, there are two main ways of seeking employment.
  3. It is through a personal network. Chileans call it a “pituto”.
  4. Or it can be through job boards

The experience of Chile:


  • The IPWA (Women only)
  • Groups described on

Using boards for work

Job boards are the most important:


In addition, you will want the following work boards to be used:

  • With LinkedIn- It is mostly for senior positions jobs.
  •, Twitter, These are generally for unskilled jobs.
  • Craigslist- These are for those jobs that don’t need Spanish.
  • It is for IT-related jobs
  • A It is for jobs with a social impact.