How to get a job in Equatorial Guinea ?

If you have already a work permit, or you are an Equatoguinean, you can just go down to see how to find a job in Equatorial Guinea.
If you don’t have a work permit, the first thing you need to do is to find a job. So go down to see how to find a job in Equatorial Guinea.

How to get a job in Equatorial Guinea?

You can start looking around at some useful job listing websites.

  • Google: when you start job hunting, a simple google search can be a good start. Look for the kind of job you would like to do, for example, “English tutor in Equatorial Guinea” or “Delivery driver in Equatorial Guinea”. Use the language that you feel most comfortable speaking. Don’t stop at the first pages and go deep with your search. You’ll get an immediate feeling of what’s around and of which job websites are best suited for your needs.
  • Facebook Jobs: can be also an option to start to see what’s around you. You can also ask around in the Facebook groups that are relevant to your profession, or your language or nationality, or just relevant to your wider interests.
  • CareerJet: CareerJet is certainly a name you’ve heard of. Equatorial Guinea offers work options.
  • Indeed: Equatorial Guinea appears in the search results of this large search engine.
  • MyPerfectResume: Sites hand-picked to help you look for work in specific countries and/or locations throughout the world.

Teaching English in Equatorial Guinea 

In case you are not able to secure a teaching job before you arrive in Equatorial Guinea. Then you will need to visit schools in person to ask about openings. You must have advanced degrees and certifications for teaching to get the best jobs.

Try visiting some private schools if you feel your qualifications may be lacking. Make sure you have your passport, a copy of your degree, a teaching certificate, and a resume.
Also, Dershanes recruits teachers without formal teaching certifications.

If you are looking for English teacher jobs online then use a website like  TEFL and Dave´s ESL Cafe that offers up-to-date listings of open positions. 

Expat jobs is a very popular site for find work as a caregiver.

Other ways on how to get a job in Equatorial Guinea 


Have a strong network with ex-pats or Equatoguinean professionals. You can ask both Equatoguinean and ex-pat friends for a job opening in their companies. 

You can join business groups on LinkedIn and other networking sites. Also, go to meetings and events where you can meet other Equatoguinean professionals. 

  • In your area or about the kind of job you want to find or for people that speak the same language.