how to get a job in iraq

How to get a job in Iraq?

Iraq is enriched with heritage, world-famous poets, painters, and the best sculptors in the Arab. If you are planning to move to Iraq, first, you should check how to apply for an Iraqi visa. This is the first step; after that, you should find a job in Iraq. The competition in Iraq is less as the population is very moderate. It has an estimated population of 40.22 million and ranks 36th in the world. So, there are fair chances you will get a job in Iraq. 

Iraq is famous for its fair handicrafts, rugs, and carpets, so if you are good at handicrafts, you can try your luck in these fields; otherwise, you can also check some top-rated jobs in Iraq listed on

How to get a job in Iraq? 

Classifieds and General Job Search Engines

Below some sites listed for your reference; the response you can expect from these sites may vary from 0.5 to 1.0%(The response rate means the people who will respond to you by seeing your application/CV.) But still, you should give a try to these sites. 

  • Glassdoor: Get the right job with business ratings & wages in Iraq. Four hundred sixty-nine of Iraq’s available appointments. Get recruited!
  • Gulf Talent: The site has a very user-friendly design with many jobs and openings in Iraq.
  • Bayt: An essential job search site in Middle Eastern.
  • NaukriThis is a world-famous site.
  • Monster Gulf: The Monster job search is one of the oldest brands.
  • Career Jet: The Career Jet is a viral job site in Iraq.
  • Learn4GoodThe website Learn4Good has a various number of jobs from every level.

Job-Related Blogs

  • An excellent simple website with an article related to jobs in Iraq.

Other Overseas and Expat Job Portals

    • Overseas Jobs:  You can find a significant amount of jobs on this site.
    • Go Abroad: Go Abroad is a viral and useful site, and you can find several jobs. The site provides jobs posted across the world. The site also provides internships around the globe.
    • Linkedin: Linkedin is very popular nowadays. It has a substantial professional social network, and you can try this; it has a vast network. 

Can I work in Iraq?

Yes! A work permit visa helps you (non-Arab foreign) to take up jobs in Iraq. There is no provision for workers of international branches to apply for a work permit. Job permits are issued for a term of one year and must be extended at least one month before expiry.
Visas require between 4-8 weeks for processing to take place. Some protocols should be must meet to secure a work permit:

  1. Jobs Offer letter given to you

2. The employers must submit a written request.

3. Government Agency Review

Let us describe these above points briefly:

  • Jobs Offer letter given to you.

You must have received an official offer from either the Iraqi authorities, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, or letters from the Chamber of Commerce, specifying the travel reasons.

  • The employer submits a written submission to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

This should contain all the records and supporting documentation necessary and details about the employee’s identity, ethnicity, style, and period of employment, name, and address of the employer.

There are some of the documents which are necessary for applying for a visa. Visa is also one of the first things which are required if you wish to work in another country. They are general documents and needs to be updated. Following are the documents that are necessary for your visa application:

1. Request form for visas

2. Two photos of the claimant in color

3. Color replica of a passport with validity for at least six months 

Here is a brief description of Jobs you can get.

Language Teacher: 

You can be a language teacher as there are so many languages that are spoken in Iraq. You can pick any of the languages; the first language is the Arabic language ( Mesopotamian Arabic). Then came the second most spoken language, which is Kurdish, followed by the Iraqi Turkmen.

Director Of Operations: Elabelz. Baghdad, Iraq

Elabelz is a worldwide online fashion mall, offering everything from international and local brands to unique and in-house collections, with a core emphasis on customer loyalty.


You must have a proven track record in eCommerce process improvement, and optimization processes, particularly for back-end processes relating to eCommerce fulfillment, 3PL management, warehouse management, P&L. Good experience in stakeholder management is vital – both internal and external. Apply now

List of highest-wage careers and the reasons why they pay so much:

Surgeons / Doctors

Due to the essential nature of the job, surgeons dominate the list of the highest-paid occupations. 

jobs in Iraq

High risk includes a surgeon’s profession, which requires thorough experience and a long learning journey, the requisite ingredients for a highly paid career.

Expected Salary: from 3,890,000 IQD to 11,700,000 IQD


Judges earn very high wages because of the immense duties associated with their jobs. It is not easy to decide people’s fates, and the high pay is entirely justified.

Expected Salary: from 3,270,000 IQD to 9,860,000 IQD


In the clients’ view, the critical reason lawyers earn large salaries is their high perceived importance. You will save/make lots of money from a good lawyer or potentially spare you a death sentence.

Expected Salary: from 2,640,000 IQD to 7,980,000 IQD

Bank Managers

Being in charge of funds and savings worth hundreds of millions and all the related risks that come with it makes operating a bank an essential job deserving of a high salary.

Salary: from 2,490,000 IQD to 7,510,000 IQD

Chief Executive Officers

The success or loss of whole organizations is mainly the responsibility of CEOs. Their immense remuneration is due to both the vast scale of consequence and the risks involved.

Salary : from 2,330,000 IQD to 7,040,000 IQD

Chief Financial Officers

Any job that is about money management immediately counts for high pay. Budgets, expenditures, expenses, and income are handled by CFOs that specifically influence the organization’s activities.

Salary: from 2,180,000 IQD to 6,570,000 IQD

College Professors

Among the top-earning and most prestigious careers are college professors. It is not easy to become a professor, and it takes patience.

Salary Range: from 1,870,000 IQD to 5,640,000 IQD


Nevertheless, it is perhaps the only profession on the list that requires any excitement; pilots attend intensive training programs and are responsible for thousands of people’s welfare every day.

Salary Range: from 1,560,000 IQD to 4,700,000 IQD

Marketing Directors

Marketing directors are in charge of increasing their companies’ sales. They are directly responsible for producing business, and for that reason, they are well paying.

Salary: from 1,400,000 IQD to 4,230,000 IQD

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
 Baghdad2,390,000 IQD
Al-Basrah  2,310,000 IQD
An-Najaf2,230,000 IQD
Al-Mawsil1,960,000 IQD
Irbil2,130,000 IQD
Kirkuk2,050,000 IQD