How to get a job in Korea as a foreigner?

If you have already a work permit, or you are Korean, you can just go down to see how to find a job in Korea.
If you don’t have a work permit, the first thing you need to do is to find a job. So go down to see how to find a job in Korea.

How to get a job in Korea as a foreigner? 

You can start looking around at some useful job listing websites.

Craigslist – This is a hit-or-miss job search engine. The employment adverts, on the other hand, are almost always in English, and the people sought are almost always foreigners. It might not be the place where you find your dream job, but it’s probably the easiest place to start.

Saramin and JobKorea – Because these two sites are entirely in Korean, they may be difficult to browse at first. They are, nevertheless, important job portals for Koreans looking for work, and there are numerous positions offered in various industries that require foreign language speakers.

PeopleNJob – It is believed to be the top job portal for foreigners looking for work in Korea. At first sight, it is daunting, but you’ll be relieved to learn that there are plenty of positions posted in English.

LinkedIn – Unlike the other portals listed above, this is the primary location where all of the major international corporations looking for staff in their Korean subsidiaries may be found. Companies regularly publish job openings, and you can receive notifications straight on your phone!

Job Fair in Korea

Annual job fairs are held in Korea, with a focus on foreigners. These employment fairs will usually be divided into two categories: those for international students and those for international residents. You may look up the dates of these fairs online by searching for the following terms:

Job Opportunities in South Korea for Foreigners

Teaching English is one of the best ways for expatriates who wish to live and work in South Korea. For starters, teaching English does not necessitate considerable knowledge of Korean; in fact, some institutions prefer teachers who are not bilingual in order to force their Korean pupils to acquire and practice English. In Korea, English competence is a highly prized skill, making English teachers one of the most sought-after occupations.
Aside from teaching English, IT, general office administration professions, manufacturing, and vocations in health, science, research, and technology are all areas where expats will find plenty of chances.

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