how to get a job in new zealand

How to get a job in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a popular tourist destination, and many visitors from other nations are drawn to the country’s natural beauty and way of life. A beautiful environment is never far away, the population is tiny, so few places are congested, the climate is normally pleasant, and residents and citizens have access to government-subsidized healthcare and education.

However, because it is such a desirable location, it is not easy to simply walk into a job here. Working in New Zealand isn’t always as simple as applying for a job and obtaining the appropriate visa. There are several types of work visas available, and not all of them are open to all candidates or occupations.

How to get a job in New Zealand?

People in this area look for work on job websites or by contacting recruiting firms (sometimes known as “head hunters”). Employers can also be contacted directly. It is frequently the most effective strategy. Regardless of which strategy you take, you will discover that most firms in New Zealand are willing to accept persons from other countries if no one in New Zealand is available to fill the position.

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In New Zealand, there are numerous job-related websites. Many of them publish job openings from employers who are looking for applicants who are already in New Zealand. Some people specialise in communicating with people from other countries.

Jobs for Specific Sectors:

Some specialised industries and professions have their own job boards. If you’re seeking for work in one of these fields, go to the following website:

General websites for Jobs:

TradeMe and Seek are the most popular job-search websites in New Zealand. These websites have a lot of job openings. On the page, you can access additional general job vacancy websites.

Hiring Agencies

Employers in New Zealand frequently use recruitment firms or agencies to identify qualified candidates, particularly for specialised and high-level positions. You can register with multiple recruitment agencies. Because the job market in New Zealand is so small, it’s critical to keep note of who you’ve contacted about positions and when.

You do not have to pay the company or agency because the employer pays them when they place someone in a position.

Type of Visa required to work in New Zealand

While searching for a job in New Zealand or in anywhere abroad, the very first thing you need to check is that if you need a visa to go there or not. If you need a visa then you may need to figure out what type of visa you need to apply for. This is one of the basic things that you must do and enquire about before going to think to work abroad.

A working vacation visa is the best option if you wish to work in New Zealand while traveling throughout the nation. You’ll need a different type of visa if you want to stay in New Zealand permanently. Another factor to consider is your command of the English language. If you’re coming from a largely English-speaking country (like the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom), this won’t be a problem. However, several visa categories require applicants to pass the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test and receive a specific score.

Languages in New Zealand

If we talk about the language spoken in New Zealand, the majority of the population speaks English and it is often termed as New Zealand English. Although the official language of New Zealand is  Māori it is often spoken very little as compared to English. The English spoken in New Zealand is very much similar to Australian English in terms of dialects. So, the language will not be a barrier for you to work in New Zealand if you know the English language.

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