How to get a job in Poland

How to get a job in Poland?

To get a job in Poland you must have a work permit. Foreigners can work in Poland only if they have a work permit. You can first apply for a job in Poland through online job portals and then get a work permit. Or you can find a job through a multinational company with offices in Poland.

Poland is the ninth-largest economy in Europe, and working in Poland is growing more and more popular as a result. Find out more about the country’s business environment, tax and social security systems, and the various job opportunities available to foreigners in Poland.

There are some major things that you need to check if you’re going to get a job in a different country abroad. For Poland, there are few points that we need need to highlight.

  • Poland’s key industries should be considered while considering a career in Poland. Among these are machine building, iron and steel, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding, food processing, glass, and textiles, to name a few industries.
  • In Poland, both citizens and residents are required to pay income tax. A personal income of 85,528 Polish zlotys per year, or 32 per cent of your annual income, was the highest in 2018.
  • Malaria, parental leave, old age, and accident insurance are all covered under the country’s social security system In order to participate in the system, both employers and workers must pay a contribution.
  • Titles are regarded as respectable and should be used while addressing your business partner in Poland.

How to get a job in Poland?

Prior to relocating to Poland, especially if you plan to work there, you should brush up on your Polish language abilities. Poland has a population of 98 per cent who speak Polish, making it the most widely spoken language in Europe. In Germany, English is more widespread among business executives and professors than it is among older generations. The conclusion is that learning a little bit of Polish before moving to Poland is highly recommended.

Many Polish job agencies are available to you as you prepare to work in Poland. Your residency in Poland is not conditional on finding work, therefore you may also register with the Polish Labor Office’s job services. Be prepared to go to Poland for your interview, even if you do your initial job search and application procedure from outside of Poland.

The initial phase of the selection process can be conducted over the phone; however, the final interview will almost certainly be conducted in person. The use of Skype interviews is growing in popularity in the business sector, giving a viable option for applicants who are unable to travel to Poland for the interview. Remember to bring references and certificates to your interview in person, and have the most relevant documents translated into Polish before you arrive. As long as you play your cards properly, you’ll soon be able to get a job in Poland.

You may visit the following sites to apply for a job in Poland. Some of these sites will help you to build a CV or resume as well for your job. Although it may be a part of the paid service that you need to buy it is also not a mandatory thing to get. If you are interested in working for a certain company, you should not hesitate to submit an unsolicited application. Many foreigners have obtained jobs this way, especially in the sciences. You can, however, use the following internet tools for a routine job search:

You can work in Poland only if they have a work permit, or if you have a temporary residence and work permit. Or a temporary residence permit in order to work in a profession that requires a high level of education. To get a job you can either start with online job portals or you should have a strong network with someone living in Poland.

You can check these best job sites for jobs in Poland:

  • – The famous site for jobs is also available in the Polish language. You can attach your CV and start looking for jobs based on your interest.
  • Careers In Poland – This is another famous site used for job seekers in Poland.
  • – This site is specifically for jobs in Poland.
  • – This site aims to create the best job board for users in the Polish market.
  • Interia – This site has job openings in Poland and blogs and news related to it.
  • – The site consists of a number of renowned sector-specific job openings.
  • Reed – It is also the best site with a large number of job openings.
The most popular jobs in Poland
  • Accounting and finance – accountants, auditors, and financial analysts
  • Engineering – civil, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering
  • Cybersecurity professionals, network administrators, and technical assistance are all examples of IT.

The cover image is somewhere in Wrocław, Poland. Photo by Atlas Kadrów on Unsplash