how to get a job In switzerland

How to get a job In Switzerland? A quick guide for foreigners and Swiss residents

If you have already a work permit, or you are a citizen of Switzerland, you can just go down to see how to find a job in Switzerland.
If you don’t have a work permit, the first thing you need to do is to find a job. So go down to see how to find a job in Switzerland. 

How to get a job in Switzerland?

You can start looking around at some useful job listing websites.

  • Google: when you start job hunting, a simple google search can be a good start. Look for the kind of job you would like to do, for example, “Arabic tutor in Gaziantep” or “Delivery driver in Ankara”. Use the language that you feel most comfortable speaking. Don’t stop at the first pages and go deep with your search. You’ll get an immediate feeling of what’s around and of which job websites are best suited for your needs.
  • Facebook Jobs: can be also an option to start to see what’s around you. You can also ask around in the Facebook groups that are relevant to your profession, or your language or nationality, or just relevant to your wider interests.
  • Keep this website on the top of your list
  • Career Jet: This website is a great option for job finding
  • Job Scout: A great website for searching jo

Does Work Permit Is Required To work in Switzerland?

Switzerland has limited quotas for international employees. Everyone will need permission to only in Switzerland. Here’s all you need to know about obtaining a work visa in Switzerland.
If you travel to Switzerland for employment, you may need a visa. And if you stay for longer than three months, you will need a house permit.

How to get a work permit?

Switzerland differs from many other European nations. For that, you must first get a house permit before applying for a work visa. On your behalf, your potential employer applies for permission (see below section). This implies that you must have a job lined up before applying for a Swiss visa.
For stays of more than 90 days, the Switzerland work visa is a Schengen category D visa.

To be eligible for a work visa in Switzerland, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a job offer in Switzerland in place
  • For a manager, specialist, or qualified employee you must have degree-level qualifications.
  • You’re applying at a time when yearly work permit quotas aren’t completely filled.
  • There is no one available for the post in Switzerland or any EU/EFTA nation.
  • Your employment offer includes the same pay and working conditions as a Swiss resident.
  • Many professions need extra qualifications such as language skills. Also, capacity to assimilate into Swiss culture, criminal background, and ability to support.

How to Apply

Once you’ve found work in Switzerland. Your company will apply to the immigration office in their Swiss canton for your work visa. This entitles you to live and work in Switzerland. The application is forwarded to the SEM for approval.

Jobs You Can do

Teaching English in Switzerland

In case you are not able to secure a teaching job before you arrive in Switzerland. Then you will need to visit schools in person to ask about openings. You must have advanced degrees and certifications for teaching to get the best jobs.

Try visiting some private schools if you feel your qualifications may be lacking. Make sure you have your passport, a copy of your degree, a teaching certificate, and a resume.
Also, Dershanes recruits teachers without formal teaching certifications.

If you are looking for English teacher jobs online then use a website like ESL employment, Total ESL, ESL Cafe, and Tesall that offers up-to-date listings of open positions.