how to get a job in thailand

How to get a job in Thailand?

Thailand, located in the Southern part of Asia, has a lot of popular things. Thailand is worldwide famous for its tourist attractions. Other than these tourist attractions, most of the citizens came to Thailand for jobs. The job market in Thailand is evolving every year. Various reports show how the country’s job market has evolved in the past years. Currently, technology has overtaken every industry and made their work even easier. A good thing about searching for a job in Thailand is that you don’t need to learn any other language. English is the only language where you need to get your command and must be fluent.

Today’s world has also been known as the digital world. The IT industry has taken the world to the next level. The IT industry is contributing actively in most of the industries. Today most industries are opting for and moving towards automation. Automation is helping every industry to boost their production levels. Both of these IT and automation play a significant role in every part. There is no doubt that these are the most popular jobs to choose between. Also, most of the jobs available in today’s world relate to both fields and are in very high demand. 

How to get a job in Thailand?

Indeed: Indeed, Jobs is a US-based online job portal. This is the largest and leading online job portal in Thailand. Almost all the companies post jobs on this site. Indeed it is free of cost site where you can search for jobs without paying any fees.

JobsDB: JobsDB is the largest Thailand based online job portal. At the JobsDB, you can find most of the jobs listed for every field. This site also provides details about the best companies in different fields.

There many other sites as well, which you can also use to search for a new job. You can also use these sites as well as Jobthai, Naukri, TotalJobs.

Things to keep in mind before flying to Thailand

If you plan to settle in Thailand, you need to think about your job or a source to earn money. If you have prepared your mind and decided to work in Thailand, then there are some things which you need to consider. The two basic questions which usually everyone thinks about:

  • Do I need to find a job before going to Thailand?
  • Or I’ll go to Thailand and search for a job there?

Unarguably the best choice to these questions will find a job before going to Thailand. Although sometimes it may depend on some circumstances, you can get after reaching there as there are some jobs. So, it purely depends upon the individual whether they need to search for a job first or not. Most employers or companies will ask questions like “Why are you considering Thailand to do your job?”.

Employers usually ask this question as it gives a clear idea of a candidate’s purpose of applying for a job in Thailand. It helps them a lot to hire a perfect one that suits their work properly. Most companies are usually happy and satisfied to have an online interview through skype or any other media. However, you may also find many companies which prefer face to face interview. It usually depends on the need of the employer how specific they need to hire a candidate.

Searching for a job in Thailand, here are the requirements for Foreigners!!

There are many jobs available for foreigners, and most of them are also available in the English language. Although you may find a job with your ability to speak English (or any other language), your living expenses will be less than what is required. As living in Thailand is somewhat cheaper if you are living alone. You can also hire a small apartment or maybe a small house. Other than the language speaking ability, you may also need some other things as well.

Here is what you’re going to need, aside from your knowledge of language:

  • Qualifications
  • Language ability
  • Adaptability to society
  • Flexibility in geography
  • Ethnicity
  • Thailand’s job experience
  • Certificate of Health
  • Job permit and visa

Let’s discuss some of the major points from the above list in brief. This brief description will help you a lot to gather or collect all the relevant things.

  • Qualification

    • The first question that comes to most people that do we need to have a degree to work in Thailand. The most basic answer to this particular question is “it depends.” It usually depends on which type of job you are applying for.
    • There can be many jobs that don’t require any of the degree or qualifications. Although having your degree or qualification with you will increase your chance to have a higher-paying job. Like in management, the degrees are a must find a job agile and in a much easier way.
    • In fields like real estate, sales, a media company usually doesn’t require any of the degrees.
    • However, having your degrees or qualification certificates with you will make the process of visa or permit much easier.
  • Language Ability

    • The other important thing that we considered is Language ability as Thailand has its own regional language, “Thai.” However, it is not mandatory that you need to speak the Thai language to find a job in Thailand.
    • Many multicultural countries allow you to speak other languages like English or any other popular language.
    • If you want to thrive outside in Thailand, you may need to know the Thai language as it is widely spoken.
  • Adaptability to society

    • Thai culture is way more different from the different parts of the world. Some people also found adaptability to the Thai culture often hard.
    • However, you may get your chances increased to get hired if you can easily adapt to a multicultural workspace. You can also achieve this by doing a little bit of research about Thai culture. You can look at the following things:
      • History of Thai culture and industry
      • How to get ready to work in Thailand
      • Regulations on workers in Thailand
      • How to give feedback and accept it (applicable to ex-pats with managerial jobs)
      • In the Thai way of doing business, other structures are incorporated.

Popular Jobs in Thailand:

Coming to the best-suited jobs in Thailand, tech jobs are in demand, no doubt. The tech jobs include skills in different fields like engineering, IT, and others in demand. Other than the tech jobs, several skills are in high demand. Skills like Accounting, Sales, and Administration are also in higher demand. Besides the most in-demand tech jobs, sales jobs are in one of the highest demand. Here is the list of the top five most popular jobs in Thailand:

  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • IT
  • Administration
  • Accounting

Most of the companies need their sales employees to know about both tech and non-tech, also as most of the sales job is also from one of the engineerings company. So, it will be a plus point for you to know both of the fields. 

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