How to get a Mexico tourist card

As you arrive in Mexico, you can get a Mexico Tourist Card. Some airlines even include it in the price of your ticket. But you can also get a Mexico Tourist Card online up to seven days before your trip.

Entry into Mexico only requires an entry visa for some people. This is possible because of deals between more than 60 countries that let their people visit Mexico for short amounts of time without a visa.

But many people who only plan to stay for a short time need to fill out an FMM before they can cross the border. This is true for most people who go to Mexico, whether they’re there for work, pleasure, or another reason.

The FMM is what it’s called, but some people also call it the Mexico Tourist Card or the Mexico Tourist Fee.

Mexico tourist card

What is the Mexico Tourist Card or FMM? Tourists who come to Mexico by land or sea must have a Forma Migratoria Multiple, also known as a tourist card. It makes it clear that a stranger can legally enter Mexico. It also says how many days the person who has it can spend.

The Mexico tourist card, known as the FMM, is a separate slip of paper from your passport and, if you have one, your visa. It has two parts: one is given to you when you enter Mexico, and Mexican authorities keep the other.

When you leave Mexico, you must show your passport and tourist card to the officials. So, make sure to keep your FMM safe during your stay. If you lose it, contact Mexican immigration authorities right away.

The tourist card is valid for up to 180 days and can’t be extended. It’s only good for one entry. If you want to return to Mexico, you’ll need a new FMM.

If you plan to stay in Mexico for more than six months, you don’t need a tourist card. This applies to people with permanent or temporary residency in the country.

How to apply for Mexico tourist card

You can get an online application for a Mexico Tourist Card. Lots of people choose to apply online to skip the long lines at the border. Additionally, you don’t need to bring cash for the tourist card fee.

It takes little time to fill out the online application. People who apply for the FMM online must meet the same standards as people who apply in person. You can send in supporting digital papers. Through a safe site, you pay the fee with a credit or debit card.

You must also give an email address that works. This is where you’ll find the accepted FMM and all the messages and alerts about the application.

It is important to print out the Mexico Tourist Card before going through the border. You can get it by email.

When you reach the Mexican immigration desk, show them:

  • Your completed FMM
  • Passport valid for six months
  • A valid Mexican visa if you need one
  • Pay the Mexico tourist card fee if you haven’t already applied and pay online.

Note: People who do not want to apply online must pay the exact Mexico tourist card fee in cash when they arrive in Mexico.

Mexico tourist card requirements

On the online FMM form, applicants are asked to fill out the following:

  • Personal information like name and birthdate
  • Details on how to get in touch, such as a phone number, home address, and email address
  • Information about passports
  • Information about the trip, such as the reason for the trip and the port of entry into Mexico

It is very important to give correct information on all of the forms. Delays can happen when information is wrong or missing.

Frequently asked questions

What to do if your Mexico tourist card is lost or stolen

You should get a new FMM document if you lose or have it stolen. You can use the online method to get a new set of Immigration Forms if you lose your originals before you get to the Mexican border.

In Mexico, on the other hand, it’s important to tell the cops about any thefts or losses that happen. This police report is an important part of the process for applying for a new FMM at Mexico’s National Institute of Immigration (INM).

Can I renew or extend a Mexico tourist card

This is not possible. You cannot refresh or lengthen a Mexico tourist card. When it runs out, you have to apply for a new one and pay the fee all over again. You can ask for a new FMM as soon as you leave the country. Waiting a certain amount of time is not necessary.

How much is the processing time for an FMM Tourist Card

The accepted FMM will be sent to you in minutes if the application is fully and correctly filled out. Sometimes, it may take longer to finish. You can choose fast handling, though, to get an FMM in an hour.

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