How to get a visa for Bulgaria?

A Bulgarian visa is a permit issued to a foreign national for entry, stay or transit to an airport. The access shall be published in the form of an adhesive attached to a foreign travel document or to another replacement document issued in good and due form and shall be valid only in the sense of that document and for the reason for which the visa was issued.

The visa would only be available with a valid passport. If a new access is given to a person who has already obtained Bulgarian access and the Bulgarian visa passport has been revoked, even if the permit has not expired, if the person wants to continue his / her visit to Bulgaria, he/she should apply for a new visa with a new passport. 

A visa is required for citizens of India who intend to visit Bulgaria. If you are residing in India, please check this article about how to get a Bulgarian visa for Indians

How to get a visa for Bulgaria?

Please note that, in compliance with the Bulgarian Government’s decisions, all visitor holders of valid Schengen documents and nationals of Romania, Cyprus, and Croatia with two or more entry visas and residency permits do not need Bulgaria to have additional access.

Travelers who are the holders of:

  • Uniform visa (C) for two or multiple entries, valid in all Member States of the Schengen area;
  • Long-stay visa (D) issued by one of the Schengen Region Member States for stays over three months;
  • Residence permit granted by one of the Member States of the Schengen Area;
  • national visas for two or more Romanian, Cypriot, and Croatian entries or residency permits.

Do not need a visa for transit or planned to stay in Bulgaria’s territory in any six months, not exceeding 90 days.

The visitor will not be allowed to stay for more days in Bulgaria than specified in the visa. The visa does not deduct the number of days spent in Bulgaria.

A multiple entry visa with a validity of up to one year may be given to a foreign national. The foreign national has obtained short-stay access in the previous year and has been used in compliance with the legal requirements on entry and stay in the Republic of Bulgaria.

There are reasons for applying, as follows, for a multiple entry visa:

  • Long-term business relations between the claimant and Bulgarian natural or legal persons operating under the Commerce Act are maintained;
  • The applicant shall support long-term commercial links with Bulgarian legal entities functioning under the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act;
  • The applicant retains long-term business contacts, registered under Article 24 of the Investment Promotion Act, with the representatives of foreign legal entities;
  • The applicant has made a valuable personal contribution to establishing bilateral ties with the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Following the Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria, the applicant is a Bulgarian resident’s family member.
  • The claimant is a resident of a Member State of the European Union, of the European Economic Region or the Swiss Confederation living for an extended period in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • The claimant is a member of a foreigner’s family who has been residing in the Republic of Bulgaria for a long time while keeping his / her habitual residence abroad;
  • The applicant is a foreign road transport driver or a passenger and freight rail transport system, member.

Based on a short-term visa, a foreigner can not work in Bulgaria.

The following individuals are exempted from the presentation of facts relating to subsistence, lodging, and transport:

  • Members of European Union families or households, citizens of the European Economic Region and the Swiss Confederation;
  • Service holders and diplomatic passports

The following people are exempted from the presentation of an insurance policy:

  • Family or household members of the European Union, the European Economic Region, and citizens of the Swiss Confederation
  • Service holders and diplomatic passports

How to Apply For Visa Online?

  1. Fill the Online Application form.

Complete the easy online application and also pay with a credit card or PayPal

2. Assure your Travel Safe

Your embassy/consultant will assist you in any emergency (e.g., Natural disasters, civil unrest, etc.) occur.

You must require this Information to Apply:

Once You Have Registered With Consulate, You shall Update Your Data If:

  • Changing your contact information,
  • Shifts in your legal status,
  • You are moving back to your country of birth.

Why Register with the Embassy

Travel Registration is a government-provided program. This service enables you to record information to the State Department about your upcoming travel abroad so that it can be used in case of an emergency to assist you. If licensed, individuals living abroad may also get routine details from their nearest embassy or consulate.

Information for holders of the residence card of a member of the family of a citizen of the Union:

A member of the family of an EU Member State or the European Economic Area ( EEA) may travel to Bulgaria without a visa if he or she has a valid passport and a valid residence card of a member of the family of an EU citizen and is traveling with or joining a member of the family of an EU Member State or the EEA. Suppose a member of the family of a citizen of an EU Member State or the EEA does not have such a passport. In that case, a Bulgarian visa is expected to be given free of charge based on an accelerated procedure.

A short-stay visa (C-visa) allows a tourist to travel through or stay in the Republic of Bulgaria territory for 180 days for a maximum of 90 days. It is issued for transit, tourism, business, private or other purposes for one, two, or multiple entries. Its duration of validity depends on the conditions in which the tourist travels to Bulgaria.

Visa fees for entry and residence

Schengen visa

80 BGN156
Visa fee for children 6-11 years

40 BGN78


First work residence permit or a self-employed person

640 BGN 1,252
First occupational or self-employed residency permit, electronic application

490 BGN 958
First residency permit, no checking of the labor market (other jobs, expert, researcher, athlete, coach or coach)

560 BGN 1,095


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