How to get a visa for Canada from China?

Canada is a fantastic country! Not only do you have access to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, but you also have access to intriguing towns, wildlife trips, and wonderful people who are eager to welcome you to their nation! Learn how to apply for a Canada Visitor Visa from China – both online and in-person – as well as the processing time at the Canadian visa application center and the Canada visitor visa application process for Chinese citizens and passport holders in this post.

Applying for a Visitor Visa to Canada from China

If you wish to visit Canada, you must first obtain a visa. This is simple to do from China in one of the following ways:

  1. Online applications are available at
  2. Apply for a visa through VFS Global, which has offices in Beijing, Chengdu, and Chongqing. Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Jinan, Kunming, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenyang, and Wuhan, etc.

Canadian visa types

All these types of visas are broadly divided into two categories. These categories will provide you a basic highlight of the visa application process and make it easier for you to prepare all your documents properly. Here are the types of Canada visas:

  • Temporary visas: visitor visas, student visas, and work visas,
  • Permanent residence visas: Permanent Residency, Business immigrant visas, and Express Entry Program visas.

You have to pick the one that fits the reason you’d like to go to Canada.

The Procedure for Obtaining a Visitor Visa to Canada

The processing time for visitor visa applications from China is 181 days. However, depending on the type of visa and whether your information can be easily confirmed, it may take longer. This timeline excludes the time it takes for your application to be forwarded from China to the Canadian government for processing, as well as the time it takes for you to furnish biometric data.


How to get a visiting visa to Canada from China

You can apply for a visitor visa to Canada either online or in person. There are several advantages to applying online:

  1. There are no courier fees or delays in letter delivery.
  2. It’s possible that online applications will be processed faster.
  3. To avoid delays in processing, You can submit additional papers online if we require them.
  4. There is no need to submit your passport right away.
  5. Receive notifications on the status of your application.

To apply for a Canada visiting visa through VFS Global in China, follow these seven steps:

Step 1: Determine the type of visa you require.

Step 2: Get started on your application.

Click on the link for the application form and select IMM 5257 – Application for Temporary Resident Visa from the drop-down menu. You must still print the whole form, as well as two copies of the 2D barcode:

Step 3: Make a reservation.

To check whether you need to provide biometric data, go to the Government of Canada’s website.

Using our services to schedule a visa appointment is a breeze! All you have to do now is follow these three easy steps:

  • To schedule a visa appointment, go to this page.
  • Submit the appointment information, including the visa you’re applying for, the visa office you’ll be visiting, and the country you’ll be visiting, as well as the payment.
  • Get email confirmation of your appointment.

Step 4: Pay the charges

Step 5: Go to a visa application center and fill out an application.

Step 6: Keep an eye on your application.

You can track your application on VFS Global’s website

Step 7: Pick up your passport.