How to get a visa for Ghana from Canada?

To get a visa for a short stay in Ghana for tourism or for business is quite easy for most passports in the world.

How to get a visa for Ghana from Canada?

An electronic application for a Ghana visa is required. Before you begin, please study and scan all of the following prerequisites, as they must be uploaded throughout the online application process:

(1) The information page of your passport (max. 250 KB).

(2) A passport-size photograph taken within the last six months is required (max. 250 KB).

(3) A hotel reservation OR a letter of invitation with a copy of the host’s passport/ID is required (max. 250 KB).

You must send your original passport; a copy will not suffice.

To apply for a visa, your signed passport must have at least 6 months of validity remaining. Visas with a validity of fewer than six months will not be issued.
There must be enough blank visa pages. Visas are attached to your passport’s blank “Visa” pages. The back of your passport’s “amendment” pages (clearly designated as such) are not suitable for visa issuance.
If your passport doesn’t satisfy these conditions, you’ll need to renew it or get a new one before applying for a visa.

(4) Non-US citizens must provide proof of their legal status in the United States (max. 250 KB).

Ghanaian e-visas

The Ghana eVisa is a new online visa that the Ghanaian government has announced and is anticipated to launch soon.

The eVisa for Ghana, once available, will allow eligible citizens to travel to Ghana for short periods without having to apply for an embassy visa or wait in line for a Ghana visa on arrival.

Ghana’s government is primarily implementing the Ghana visa online to speed up the visa application procedure and improve the country’s tourism sector.

Sample of Business Travel Requirements for a Ghana Visa for Canadian Citizens
  1. Passport.
  2. Photographs.
  3. Visa Application Form.
  4. Letter of Invitation.
  5. Proof of Travel Arrangements.
  6. VisaCentral Order Form.
  7. Certificate of Incorporation.
  8. Sponsor Documents.

You can apply for a Ghana visa on your own but if you need help with your visa application you can go through a reliable visa service. You can search for a good visa service close to you. Depending on your nationality and the time you have, one service can be more convenient than the other.

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