how to get a visa for russia

How to get a visa for Russia?

A Russian visa is a permit in the form of a sticker attached to a passport for travelers. It enables its holder to join, live, and leave Russia within a given time. It includes details such as:
  • Entrance and departure dates
  • Key details,
  • Passport requirements
  • Information on the person or group who is sending the invitation to you (visa holder).

For visa applications, the expected waiting time is up to 3 -20 working days. For all Russian visa applications in the UK, fingerprint scanning is a must. 

Who needs a Russian Visa?

Russia has a strict visa program. Most countries around the world will need to get a visa to Russia, including for tourism. Many other countries come under the visa-free regime in Russia. That means certain countries don’t need access while traveling to Russia.

 Check here to find out: nationals that do not need visas to enter Russia.

Moreover, Russia has made visa-free visits for up to 72 hours for ferry passengers. There are many airports where transiting without a visa is possible. Diplomatic holders from many countries are also exempt in a few cases from the visa need.  

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How to get a visa for Russia?

Tourist Visa-

The tourist visa is a permit that lets foreigners as visitors to Russia. A tourist visa is the best choice if you know exactly where and for how long you can stay. You must have confirmed accommodation for each night of your stay in the country.

  • Single entry- These are valid for 30 days. And are given on special request. 
  • Double-entry- These are also valid for 30 days

Documents required for Tourists:

  • Passport with at least two blank pages for your visa and entry/exit stamps, 
  • Application form
  • One snapshot like a photo
  • Relevant fees
  • Documents for promoting tourist visas (hotel voucher and tourist acceptance confirmation)

Suppose you have not booked a hotel and would like to apply for a tourist voucher and confirmation. You can do this online (select the “Request for Russian Tourist Invitation Only” option). A tourist voucher and confirmation of acceptance can not display a private address.

Business visas-

Travelers who visit Russia on official or private business are given a business visa. Business visas are the best choice for tourists who don’t know their exact itineraries. And want to stay longer in Russia, or who need to reach Russia on several occasions.

The Russian Federation can issue business visas with up to two entries and for up to 90 days. There are multi-entry business visas (Multi-Russian Business Visa). It is valid for 6 or 12 months with unrestricted entries/exits. The company that invited you can arrange business visa extensions.

Documents required for Business visa:

  • passport
  • application form
  • One snapshot like a Photo
  • Letter your boss has sent
  • Ministry of Interior invitation (we can help with that)
  • Relevant fees

Types of Business visa:

  • Single entry
  • Double-entry
  • Many entries
You can do so online now if you want to apply for a Business Invitation (telex). We will prepare the documents after we receive your payment and send them to you by post, fax, or email.
When applying for a regular (30-day) multi-business visa.  Please ensures you can supply your passport for a 20-day processing period at the Embassy.

Russian Visa For Work-

A work visa is the most complicated and costly kind of Russian visa for foreigners. There are two kinds of work visas:
A single-entry

Visa is valid for 90 days. And based on a Work Visa Invitation (ordered based on a work permit) by the Russian Consulate.

Multiple entry visa:

reissued with a single entry visa at the Russian Migration Police’s local office. It is for the duration of the work permit (not more than one year).

In 2010 Beginning, there is a new form of Work Visa. That is for Skilled Specialists that has benefits ( e.g., is valid for three years). But in Russia, such a specialist’s salary should amount to more than two million rubles per year.

Time and Cost for work viCostThe time and cost of processiCostork visas depend on many factors:
  • Your career and the sort of work you wish to do in Russia.
  • citizenship
  • Immigration and Immigration Emergency Invitation
  • Prices and standard of services provided to your visa assistant
Work visa will usually be issued within 100 days at an average cost of 80,000.
It is not mandatory to leave the country to extend a work visa or get a new multiple-entry work visa. It can be granted at the local Migration police office upon presenting a Work permit valid for a new term.

Student visa-

If you want to do your Russian studies, you will need a visa for that. The Russian study visa application process consists of specific procedures. Following are the process of applying for a Russian student visa :
  • Get a Student Visa Invitation to Russia (Visa Support). You may get an invitation to a study visa from the Russian Interior Ministry. You can also get it from the Russian Foreign Ministry or your Russian University.
  • Fill the online application form for a Russian student visa. Find application for a visa online at This is Russia’s official foreign ministry website. Answer the required questions marked with a “*.”
  • Collect documents needed to get a Russian student visa. Below is a list of the documents required to apply for a student visa in Russia.
Give your application to us in person. Send to a Russian visa processing center / Russian Consulate.
Pay the fee for a student visa to Russia.
You can wait for a reply to your application after specific procedures. You should get an invitation for a visa interview if the Embassy finds it necessary. Even they will ask you to request more papers.
  • This is Valid for three months.
  • It is based on a student invitation.
  • The invitation should come from a college/university in Russia.

Russian Student visa fee:

Applicants for a visa to study with Russia must pay a fee for their application processing. Russia’s visa costs depend on a variety of factors, which are:

  • Nationality of the claimant.
  • Visa Kind.
  • The number of entries expected.
  • The length of the planned holiday season.
  • Time to process.

Russian Visa for Private or Homestay

  • Your original passport with at least two blank visa-designated pages.
  • Two copies of the completed and signed Russian visa application form.
  • ONE passport-sized signed photo on the hand.
Certificate of visa entitlement (IZVESHENIYE) from the central FMS in Russia. This certificate must be obtained for you by your host and sent to you with the initial certificate. It will be important for your host to know:
Your name in full;
Nationality; Nationality
Passport Number and Birth Date;
Your Russian Arrival / Departure Date.
(The cost of applying for FMS is about USD$35. Allow FMS approval for 4-6 weeks).

Could I access a Russian visa online?

EVisas allow visitors from anywhere in the world to apply for their Russian visa online.
  • Online copies of the passport
  • the online application form
  • and other documents needed for a visa

These are required to submit. For specific Russian regions, eVisas are currently available.

How to Apply Russian Visa Online?

Filling out the Russian visa application form online is the next step. It is available at the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID). The application form includes a variety of questions about you and your journey.
Follow the tips given below to complete the online application form :
  • Go over to
  • Select the country name from the “Country” drop-down menu from where you wish to apply for a visa to Russia.
  • Choose your hints and support language from the “support language” drop-down menu.
  • To continue, click “Full New Application.” If you wish to continue to complete an application, you have already begun. Then press: “Open before completed application.” To edit, display, or print a before met application, click the same button.
  • Save the application form number, which can be seen at the top right corner. You will need this application number if your session runs out. It helps to continue completing the application. Using the “save draft” option to save a copy of your submission.  — the page has simple Application instructions. Beware of these.
  • Fields labeled with the symbol “*” are mandatory.
  • Print your application form for a Visa.
  • Place a photograph of passport size with glue on the surface. The photo must not be more than six months old; date and sign the application form.

Is it difficult to get a Russian visa?

Russian visas are no more hard to obtain than any other form of visa. But there are several things to consider such as
  • the birth country,
  • whether you have the right paperwork,
  • whether you have a criminal record, and how long you have enabled yourself to get a visa.

How far should I apply for a Russian visa in advance?

You may apply to the Russian Consulate for a tourist visa no earlier than 90 days before the date of a Visa request. It is not advisable to use more than six months in advance. As some consulates may have problems with letters of visa help older than six months.


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