how to get a visa for the uk

How to get a visa for the UK?

If you were traveling through the UK on your way to another country, you might need a visa, for example, if you have a layover between flights. The UK visa application process and services you need to use to apply for a UK visa.

How to get a visa for the UK?

You must submit the following documents to apply for a UK visa:

  •  Application to apply for a UK visa. You will have to complete the form online on the Visa4UK website or the manual application form, depending on the type of UK visa you are applying for.
  •  2 pictures. These photographs should be taken in color and within the last six months.
  • Your Passport Valid. It must be valid for another three months after your travel, beyond the date you intend to leave the UK. Additionally, it must have at least one blank visa tab.
  • Evidence that you have the financial means to meet the costs of living in the UK.
  • Proof of residency. You’ll need to submit a document showing where you’ll be accommodated when you’re in the UK. Remember that you don’t have to pay for a hotel/hostel in the UK in full until you get the visa, to get a document like that.
  • Comprehensive itinerary. Submit a travel schedule that includes all the details on how and what you want to do in the UK. Include travel dates, places to visit, schedule for meetings, booked trips, scheduled for the festival, etc..
  • Results of a tuberculosis test. To be eligible for a UK Visa, citizens of many world countries may need to send requests for a Tuberculosis Check. Click here to view the results of the TB tests.
  •  Biometric news. You will need to submit your biometric details if you apply for a visa that allows you to stay in the UK for longer than 6 months. This involves giving your fingerprints and taking a digital photo at the correct application center.
  • Approved copies of any documents which are not in English or Welsh.

Types of visas for the UK

Family Visas: Whether you have siblings or some other member of your family living in the UK, you will need a family visa to visit them. The prerequisite is that, with valid legal papers, they should retain permanent UK citizenship. All the details of the member you are planning to visit, along with their residence information, you need to note as that will be your residence for the period of time you are in the UK.

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Family Reunion Visa-If, you and your family have arranged a meeting in the immediate future, you can apply for a separate family reunion visa. You don’t need a family visa, since you’re just going to come back and attend a family reunion. In the application document, you need to note this particular purpose.

Ancestry Visa– If you have a grandparent with British citizenship, you can visit or work in the UK by applying for ancestry visas. You need documentation supporting evidence that your ancestor is a member of the United Kingdom and holds permanent citizenship. If you are found to have any prior criminal history, you will have to sit down for a private interview, after submitting the documents to the officials, that visa would take eight weeks.

Settlement Visa-If you are already working or studying in the United Kingdom, and you plan to pursue it further or plan to stay in the same city after studying or working, then you must apply for a settlement visa. If you’ve been in the UK for more than 5 years, you’ll get a settlement visa.

Returning Resident Visa: If you have been in the UK for study or work purposes for some years and then returned to your country, you will need a returning resident visa to return to the UK. Without a permanent residency or return visa, you will not be allowed to come back. You need to display the records showing that you have been in the UK for some period of time in the past.

Transit Visa-You are supposed to have a transit visa if you are going to another country, and you have a UK connecting flight. The requirement is that the stay at UK premises should be 24 or more hours.

Investor Visa If you are planning to invest any amount in any property in the UK, this is required. Investor 1 and investor group 2 exist. This category is determined based on the amount of investment,

Entrepreneur Visa: If you intend to set up a company in the UK, you must opt for a Tier  Entrepreneur Visa under the category of UK immigration laws based on points. You need to include all the information about your business strategy and documentation showing that it is in every way not detrimental to UK premises and population.

Graduate Entrepreneur Visa: You are required to opt for a Graduate Entrepreneur visa if you have completed your graduation and want to start your own business in the UK. The prerequisite is that your business concept should have been checked and accepted by your university in legal terms.

Work Visa: When it comes to the UK, there are two kinds of work visas: Tier 1 and Tier 2. If you have been offered a technical position in the UK or are from Switzerland or outside the European Economic Area ( EEA), you may apply for a Tier 2 visa. If you come to the United Kingdom on a Tier 2 visa, you can be in the United Kingdom for a period of 5 years and 14 days, or the period specified in your sponsorship certificate, plus one month. Whichever of the two is shorter.

If you’re outside of the EEA or Switzerland, you can apply for a Tier 1 visa. Or, in the area of the arts, digital media, engineering, medicine, science, or humanities, you have always been endorsed as a pioneer / emerging leader.

Study visa: Depending on the length, of course, you will follow, there are subtypes of student visa.

Short-term study visa: If you are going to study for a short course and are over 18, you might be eligible for this form of visa. The short-term study visa is usually valid for up to 6 months and can be extended for up to 11 months for certain exceptional courses pre-listed.

 Student visa: You can apply for a child student visa if you want to study in an independent school in the UK, and you are between the ages of 4 years and 17 years.

General visa for students: The general visa for students is for those aged 16 or over.

To apply for a UK visa, you need to follow these basic steps:

1. Find out whether you need a UK Visa.
2. Use the right form of UK Visa.
3. Fill out the application form online.

4. Collect the documents you need to apply for a UK visa.

5. Schedule a visa appointment.

6. Attend an interview with a UK visa.

Relevant documentation must be submitted in compliance with your work status as follows:

If you are employed:

  • Your employer’s message. This letter will confirm your work status, salary, and period of employment.

If you are a self-employed person: 

  • Documentation to register for business. They will confirm the name of the company owner and the date on which the business started to trad.

If you’re a student: 

  • A letter from your teacher. The letter will confirm your registration and your leave of absence.

Additional Application Criteria Under the age of 18, Applicants under the age of 18 must request a few additional documents. Those documents are

  •  Certificate of Birth.
  • Papers for adoption (if applicable);

If traveling alone or with anyone other than a parent: 

  • A letter signed by the parent(s) verifying the identity of any person accompanying the minor.
  • A copy of their passport’s biographical page of the parent(s) or legal guardian.

Information to Show at the UK Port of Entry

  • You’ll need to show certain paperwork to the border control police at the UK port of entry.
  • If you are the EU / EEA national, you can use the EU / EEA portal to check your records. You need to have your passport or ID. Children aged 17 and under must be accompanied by adults.

Non-EU / EEA nationals require the following documents when displaying their entry at the UK port:

  • Appropriate Passport.
  • Deposit Check. You are going to get it from your network. You will fill it in before you reach the border control.
  • Visa, (where applicable).

Would you extend your Visa?

It’s possible to extend your UK visa when you are in the UK. The procedure, however, varies depending on the type of visa you possess. When you have a regular visa for tourists in the UK, you would be able to apply for a visa extension as long as the total time in the UK is under 6 months. Therefore, in this way, you can apply for a UK visa by following these basic steps.

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