how to get a visa for turkey from canada? A quick guide

Turkey Visa for Canadian Citizens

Turkey is the 17th largest economy globally, and population-wise it is the third-largest nation in Europe. The country offers an utterly varied range of activities for avid travelers as well as serves as a corridor to access other markets across Europe. Given its lush landscapes, lavish cuisine, rich culture and heritage, and strategic geographic location, it is no wonder that Canadian citizens would want to visit Turkey. That’s why the Turkish government has undertaken several ground-breaking measures to improve and promote tourism and trade activities in the country. Introducing the Turkey Electronic Travel Authorization System is part of opening Turkey’s borders to Canadians.

bout Turkey Visa for Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens can now conveniently apply for a Turkey visa electronically and don’t need to physically visit the Turkish consulate or embassy to obtain a travel permit. The best thing is that with a Turkish eVisa for Canada, travelers can visit Turkey both for tourism and business purposes.

The Turkey Visa is most suitable for Canadian citizens who want to visit the country for tourism, transit, or business purposes. Applicants need to clearly specify the purpose of their visit and select the right category of visa when filling out the application form.

  Turkish eVisa For Canadians Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a Turkey visa for Canadian citizens, the applicant must fulfill specific eligibility criteria, including the following points.

  • A scan copy of passport, the passport must stay valid for six months from the date you apply for the Turkey visa
  • The passport must have one blank page
    • The applicant must possess proof of sufficient funds
    • If applying for a Turkey Transit Visa, the applicant must possess a return flight or onward ticket, and hold all the necessary documents for entering the next destination

    Furthermore, remember that you must apply at least 24 Hours before the date of travel to Turkey and no earlier than 90 days before the intended travel date.

      Turkey Visa Requirements for Canadian Citizens

    The Turkish government requires travelers to meet certain requirements before applying for a Turkey eVisa to ensure that the application process is smoothly completed. This includes:

    • A valid passport
    • A valid email address
    • A valid debit or credit card.

    You can pay the E Visa Turkey Cost using a valid debit or credit card, without which the visa processing will not commence.

  • Turkey E-Visa Questionnaire for Canadian Citizens

    To apply for an e-visa Turkey, applicants have to fill out a Turkey visa application for Canada, which will be in the form of a questionnaire. It is compulsory to answer all the fields mentioned in the application form. Canadian travelers will provide biographical information including:

    • Full Name
    • Surname
    • Date of Birth

    They will also have to provide passport details, such as:

    • Passport Number
    • Issue Date
    • Expiry Date