how to get a work permit in uzbekistan

How to get a work permit in Uzbekistan?

Are you looking for new ways to expand your business? Companies are increasingly looking to grow their operations internationally these days. While Uzbekistan may not be the first country that springs to mind when thinking of globalization, the country has made significant progress in transitioning to a market-based economy in recent decades.

How to get a work permit in Uzbekistan?

There are a variety of work visas available in Uzbekistan.
Foreign nationals can apply for a number of visas in Uzbekistan. Visa categories change in Uzbekistan, as they do in many other countries, depending on the reason for travel. The following are some of the most prevalent visas:

  • T visas for tourists
  • A-1 visas for students and interns
  • D-1 visas are for people who work for diplomatic representation on a permanent basis.
  • E visas are issued to foreign people who work in Uzbekistan.
  • For corporate representatives, B-2 visas are available.
  • To work in Uzbekistan, foreign employees will need a Type E visa.

What Are the Requirements for Getting a Work Visa in Uzbekistan?

Applicants must provide the following documents in order to obtain a work visa in Uzbekistan:

  • A valid passport for at least three months
  • a copy of the applicant’s passport information page
  • Two-color passport photos
  • a properly filled-out visa application form
  • An employment contract with an Uzbekistan-based corporation
  • Letters of recommendation from previous employers, as well as proof of the applicant’s work history
  • A medical certificate stating that the applicant’s HIV status has been determined to be negative.
  • A signed copy of a lease, for example, is proof of lodging in Uzbekistan.

The Procedure for Applying:

The employer must get a Corporate Work License before a foreign national can apply for a work permit in Uzbekistan. This license usually lasts six to twelve months and allows the company to hire a specific number of foreign nationals.

The business must also show why outsourcing the job to a foreign worker is necessary. To do so, they’ll need to do a local labor market search to check whether any qualified job seekers in Uzbekistan are available to fill the post. The potential employee can begin the visa application procedure once the employer determines the requirement for a foreign worker.

Foreign nationals have up to 30 days to travel to Uzbekistan after receiving a work visa. The work visa is only good for one entrance. Foreign nationals must register their address at the local police station after arriving in Uzbekistan. Foreign employees can begin working in Uzbekistan after registering their address and obtaining a work permit.

How can I apply for a visa to Uzbekistan online?

Travelers must submit a digital scan of their passport and a recent passport-style photograph in order to apply for an eVisa to Uzbekistan online. The passport must be current and issued by a country that qualifies. In addition, applicants must submit an email address and a payment mechanism for the visa fee. To apply online visit –

visit this site to apply and know more-