How to get a work permit in Uzbekistan

To apply for a work visa in Uzbekistan, you must go to the Uzbek consulate in your home country or country of residence.

This is a list of country Uzbek embassies in the world.

All non-Uzbeks needing a long-term visa or permit, such as those needing to work or live in the country, must apply for these documents at an embassy.

This is because certain visas cannot be obtained using the eVisa system.

For a foreign national to work for an Uzbek (domestic) firm under a direct employment agreement, the foreign national must first obtain an Employment “E” visa valid for the length of the foreign person’s work permit. The Uzbek Ministry of Labor issues the work visa.

Uzbekistan has obstacles for companies that want to grow internationally like any other country. On your list of things to do, you’ll need to ensure that all your workers have the permits and visas they need to live and work in Uzbekistan properly.

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What is an Uzbekistan work permit

Foreigners may work in Uzbekistan with a work permit. Before entering Uzbekistan, seek a visa from the relevant government office. Work visa procedures vary by kind. Most visas need a fee and work eligibility proof. You must provide your work visa and employment proof upon arriving in Uzbekistan.

Check Uzbekistan visa-free passport countries

How to get a work permit in Uzbekistan

The processes for obtaining a visa and a work permit are separate. The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior provide visas, while the Ministry of Labor issues work permits.

There are many steps in Uzbekistan’s immigration process:

First, your future employer must get a Corporate Work License for you.

A corporation may then recruit a specified number of foreign nationals. The initial duration ranges from six months to a year, with annual renewal options. A foreign worker will only be granted a work permit if it is determined that no qualified citizens or permanent residents of the country are available to fill the position.

Second, expats seeking work permits in Uzbekistan need:

To apply to the Ministry of Labor.

They’ll also require a Telex Number/Invitation Letter from the host firm for a work visa, which the authorities must grant.

After approval, foreigners may apply for visas.

Third, apply for a work visa at the Uzbek consulate in your native country or residency.

The visa is valid for 30 days and one entry.

After arriving, register your address with the local police within three days for the duration of the original visa.

Finally, getting a work pass depends on your visa and a signed job contract.

You can usually extend your visa for the same length as your work permit and also need to extend your residence register.

Uzbekistan work visa categories

Uzbekistan offers several different types of visas to visitors from other countries. Visa requirements for entering Uzbekistan vary by visit purpose, as in many other countries.

A few examples of common visas are:

A-1 visas for trainees and students.

T visas for tourists

D-1 visas for diplomats’ permanent employees

E visas for Uzbekistan-employed foreigners

B-2 visas for representatives of businesses.

To enter Uzbekistan for employment purposes, foreign workers require a type E visa.

Requirements for getting a work visa in Uzbekistan

The following are acceptable forms of documentation for obtaining a work visa in Uzbekistan:

  1. A passport that is valid for an additional three months.
  2. The applicant’s passport information page is photocopied.
  3. Photos for passports in two colors.
  4. Completed visa application forms.
  5. Signing a contract to work for a firm located in Uzbekistan.
  6. Reference letters and documentation of the applicant’s employment history.
  7. Uzbekistan recognizes documents like signed leases as evidence of residence.

Uzbekistan will no longer need HIV-negative medical certification for work permit applicants as of March 1, 2022.

Can I extend my Uzbekistan visa

To request a visa extension, you must contact:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Service Division and;

An explanation letter for extending your visa’s validity may be required.

Is it Possible to obtain an Uzbekistan visa upon arrival

If you have a visa confirmation from the Uzbek Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

You may receive a visa upon arrival at Tashkent International Airport. If there isn’t an Uzbek Embassy or Consulate in your country, this will come in useful.

Necessary: Make sure you can get a visa on arrival by checking with your sponsor and the Uzbek MFA before you fly.

Uzbekistan visa processing time

If your papers are accurate, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provide your Uzbekistan visa confirmation letter within ten working days.

You apply for a visa at the Embassy after receiving the confirmation letter. The MFA’s first application takes longer than the consular office’s processing time.

Source: Online Zakon, Internation

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