How to get asylum in Armenia?

The Migration Service considers your asylum request based on the interview you had with them. A decision is made to be positive or bad.

If you receive a good decision, you will be granted refugee status; if you receive a negative decision, you will be forced to leave Armenia unless you file an appeal. An unfavorable ruling can be appealed in any of the three courts. You will be given refugee status if the final decision is positive; if it is negative, you will be forced to leave the country. The technique is outlined in the form of a chart below. In addition, each stage of the method is thoroughly documented.

Individuals seeking refuge in Armenia must follow Armenian national laws and procedures.

Asylum is a legal status that provides foreign nationals and stateless people with certain rights and freedoms. Asylum is granted when a foreigner is recognized as a refugee. In a foreign country, everybody has the right to seek asylum.

Please visit the Migration Service’s official website for additional information.

At the Republic of Armenia’s border crossing locations, you can apply for asylum:

At the following border crossing locations and airports in Armenia, you can apply for refugee status and asylum:

  • Gogavan (Armenia-Georgia land border crossing point)
  • Bavra (Armenia-Georgia land border crossing point)
  • Bagratashen (Armenia-Georgia land border crossing point)
  • Meghri (Armenia-Iran land border crossing point)
  • Ayrum (Armenia-Georgia railway border crossing point)
  • Zvartnots airport
  • Shirak airport

Making an asylum application on Armenian soil:

If you have entered Armenian territory, you must submit your asylum request to the Migration Service (MS) of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure. You must fill up an asylum application form and submit it to the MS. The staff member will assist you in filling out the application if necessary. The application can be completed in Armenian, your mother tongue, or any UN-recognized language (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish).

If you and your family are seeking refuge together, you can submit a single application filled out by an adult member of your family. Each family member, on the other hand, can file a separate asylum application (separate from the unitary application).

Along with the asylum application, the following documents must be submitted:

  • a copy of your passport and, if possible, copies of other identifying documents.
  • If applicable, a copy of the minor’s birth certificate.
  • Documents that you have in your possession that, in your judgment, support your claim.
  • 2 images in color (35x45mm).

Migration Service of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure

Scope of activities:
• Reception of asylum-seekers
• Refugee status determination (RSD)
• Facilitation of refugee integration through referrals to other partners’ projects
• Provision of social housing
• Provision of rental subsidies for refugees
Address: 31, Karapet Ulnetsi Str; Yerevan, Armenia
Tel.: +374 60 27-50-14 , +374 60 27-50-34
Email[email protected]

The Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman)

The Defender is an independent state official who observes the maintenance of human rights and freedoms on the part of state and local self-government bodies and officials, as well as organizations operating in the field of public service. The Defender also contributes to the restoration of violated rights and freedoms.
Tel.: +374 10 53 76 51
Address: Yerevan 0002, 56a Pushkin Str.
Email: [email protected]
Hotline: 116

You may also refer to the UNHCR official site for more detailed information.