How go get asylum in Switzerland? Asylum in Switzerland

There is no doubt that Switzerland is beautiful, and it attracts tourists from across the world. Despite traveling to Switzerland, you can also apply for asylum there. There is a proper procedure that you need to follow if you need to apply for asylum in Switzerland. This guide will help you out with the asylum application procedure. 

How go get asylum in Switzerland?

Step One: You have to file an asylum application

You have the option to submit your asylum application form either orally or in writing. Also, you can fill the form at any Swiss border post or a Swiss airport. However, the asylum seeker has to give proof of there identity by showing some valid documents. You need to show original documents to the Swiss authorities.

The applicants who need to apply for asylum have to provide all their details. These details must include their travel itinerary, and you also need to specify the reason why you need asylum. There are also some cases where some applicants use unauthorized ways to apply for asylum. These applicants may use different names or any other way to apply for a new asylum application. To avoid the use of this unauthorized access, the applicants need to go through the various identification process. As a part of the identification process, you need to provide your fingerprint and your photograph.

Also, you will have to tell the reasons for leaving your home country. The reason for leaving your country must be valid and needs to be validated by the Swiss government. Sometimes they may ask some supporting evidence if possible. The applicant will be encouraged to provide all the supporting evidence they have, if possible. 

However, you are not able to apply for asylum in Switzerland from any other country or outside Switzerland. To apply for asylum in Switzerland, you must be present in the country. However, if you want you can file for a visa request with a Swiss diplomatic representation in your country, rather than go there and apply.

Second Step: Registration & Verification

Regardless of how you manage to enter the country, it can be fair means or unfair. But, if you’re an asylum seeker, you must report to one of the asylum centers. These asylum centers are present in the various parts of the country. You can visit any of those centers to apply for asylum. You can check the list of asylum centers here, or the list of the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration.

The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) will initially examine your application. Such as whether Switzerland needs to handle your asylum application or not. It doesn’t matter whether you have initially applied for asylum in Switzerland. This condition is also valid if you have applied to another European country that will depend on it. This test is popularly known as the Dublin Procedure. This law is known as the Dublin Regulation.

The Dublin Regulation sets out which State is responsible for your asylum process. It checks whether you have applied for asylum in any other European country before arriving in Switzerland. In this particular case, the Secretary of State for Migration (SEM) will consider another European State. This European State will be responsible for examining your asylum application. Also, you will be obliged to return to that State.

If you feel that the decision made is not correct, you can appeal against it at the Federal Administrative Court. Also, if asked, you need to return to a third state if you did not appeal. It is also a recommendation that you must contact your legal representative for the immediate effect. They will help you a lot in explaining the process to you and help you with the appeal. Also, keep in mind that you need to be very careful and aware of the timings. If you wish to appeal, ask your legal representative to will make efforts immediately. After a particular time limit, you cannot tempt that decision in the Federal Administrative Court.

When you arrive at a federal reception center, you have access to free counseling. Legal representation will also be available during the asylum procedure. A legal representative will get assigned to you in the meantime. This legal representative will support you throughout all the important phases of your asylum and appeal procedure. You can contact your legal representative for any questions regarding your asylum procedure. Each federal reception center also has a facility of free and daily counseling center where you can ask any other questions you may have.

Is your asylum procedure still left, and you live in a cantonal center rather than a federal reception center? For advice, you can contact a legal counsel office in this canton. A list of Swiss legal consultancy offices is available here.

If you have any questions, before or after the asylum procedure, you may present them to legal counsel. The queries related to how to apply for asylum or how to bring your family to Switzerland need to be entertained by the legal counsel.

What to do if you did not get asylum?

Even if you are not able to get asylum, you may have the right to reside in Switzerland. There are some specific cases where some persons who are not safe in their country of origin may stay in Switzerland. It comes under a provision of the Swiss government (F-permit). A provisional admission means you can stay in Switzerland, but your status will be different from asylum-seekers.

If you think the decision is wrong, you can bring an appeal against it before the Federal Administrative Court. In the federal reception center, we recommend that you contact your legal representative. Unless he or she concludes that an appeal has no chance of success, he or she will explain everything to you and help you with the appeal. If you wish to bring an appeal, we recommend that you promptly contact your legal representative.

Following the registration process, the applicants can have accommodation in federal reception centers. Applicants need to stay there throughout their asylum procedure. The procedure usually takes around five months (or 140 days). In case, if something is found wrong against you, then you may be called again for the further investigation purpose. During this tenure of 140 days of the asylum procedure, the applicants may not bring their families into Switzerland. Other than this, the applicants can not work during the first three months. This tenure can also be extended to six months, depending on the situation. 

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