How to get Job in Ethiopia? Check Here!

Ethiopia is attractive as a destination for ex-pats. It is with a rising economy. English language teaching is still demanded. Work can be gratifying and enjoyable in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a Horn of Africa region. Amharic is the formal language. Below is a list of options to find jobs as an outsider in Ethiopia.

How can you get work in Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia, you may require a VISA. Before applying, you can get a job, since your new boss also sponsors your application. For more details, please visit the website of your local embassy or check this link.

Is It easy to get job In Ethiopia?

It is comparatively quick to obtain a work permit in Ethiopia. As compared to numerous other government services. The lead time to obtain a working permit is not longer than two days in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Is Ethiopia healthy to work?

Well, yeah. In terms of personal welfare, Ethiopia is one of the best countries in the world.

Can foreingers work here?

The Ethiopian law permits a migrant to work in Ethiopia. As long as a work permit is obtained. The Ministry of Labor issues the work permit. With prior approval from the Ethiopian Investment Agency, expatriate staff in senior management roles can also be hired without any restrictions.

Classifications and general work search engines

English teaching

English lessons are an alternative (if you are a native English speaker that is). All the pages below are very close. They have a large number of career opportunities for teaching English. See all English jobs in Ethiopia from one of the web pages. Also, check out this fun table from International TEFL Academy. It shows how much money teachers in different countries around the globe should expect to make.

  • ESL Employment: A website from where you can multiple options for english.
  • Total ESL: Also an overly busy interface but a rich number of jobs for foreign teaching
  • ESL Cafe: Dave is doing an excellent job of drawing up some of the world’s biggest job opportunities.
  • Tesall: A big platform for finding jobs is Ethiopia’s first source of online recruiting solutions. The Website advertises employment for various employers, such as private, local and foreign companies, which hire in Ethiopia, across a wide variety of jobs.

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