How to get Job in Iran? Check here!

Iran is a country in Western Asia. The official language is Persian.

Below is a selection of resources for searching for employment opportunities as a foreigner in Iran.

Do I need a visa for Iran?
Visitors to Iran must obtain a visa from one of the Iranian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa-exempt countries or countries eligible for a visa on arrival. All visitors must hold a passport valid for at least six months.
Is Iran safe for Indian students?
Yes! The relationship between Iran and India is one of the oldest and strongest in modern history.

General Job Search Engines and Classifieds

With the sites below, you can expect to get a 0.5 to 1.0% response rate (people who will respond back to you to whom you sent your application/CV.) Nevertheless, I encourage you to give these sites a try as you never know what you will come up with or what connections you can make from a simple e-mail or application.

  • Career Jet: I’m sure you’ve heard of Career Jet. They have job search options for Iran.
  • Learn4GoodLearn4Good has a good portal for jobs on a number of levels.

Overseas and Expat Job Portals

  • Overseas Jobs:  I find that there is often significant overlap between the postings on this site and that of other sites. Nevertheless, this site has been around for a while.
  • Go Abroad: I’ve always been a fan of GoAbroad. In fact, on the visa information portion of my website, you will find where I have linked to their global embassies directory. They have a good job portal too.
  • Linkedin: Last but not least, this huge professional social network is a resource for building contacts in the field and location of your interest.

There you have it. The best places to find jobs in Iran as a foreigner. For information on visas for Iran, be sure to check out my Iran visa page.

How can I get a work permit in Iran?
In order to get a work permit, you must first be granted an entry visa which could be applied a maximum of 58 days before you travel, and a minimum of four working days before you travel. You can simply contact Faraz Andishan’s Service Desk for foreigners and ex-pats to grant your Visa and Work Permit in Iran.
Can I work in Iran?
Expats intending on working in Iran will need to ensure they have a valid work permit. In most cases, this is arranged through the expat’s employer, which acts as their sponsor in Iran. The process should be started at least two months before an ex-pat moves to Iran to accommodate any unexpected delays.
Is Iran cheap to live in?
A single person estimated monthly costs are 477$ without rent. The cost of living in Iran is, on average, 42.65% lower than in the United States. Rent in Iran is, on average, 61.32% lower than in the United States.