How to get job in Ukraine from India?

Ukraine is an Eastern European country. It is Europe’s second-largest country.

How can I get a job in Ukraine?

Job Search Engines and Classifieds in General

With the sites listed below, you can expect a response rate of 0.5 to 1.0 percent. (people who will respond to you after receiving your application/CV). Nonetheless, I encourage you to give these sites a shot since you never know what you’ll find. Or what connections you’ll make just by sending an e-mail or filling out a form. is an acronym for “Work.” ua is a fantastic place to start your job search in Ukraine.

Glassdoor: There are a lot of job opportunities in Kiev on Glassdoor. is an alias for the website

Career Jet: They have opportunities in Ukraine. has a large number of job openings. After you’ve gone over the alternatives above, take a look. This website is really user-friendly. Don’t be put off by the busyness of the home page.

For a teacher’s job go to these sites-

It will be the simplest solution for you to teach English (if you are a native English speaker). All the sites listed below provide a large number of teaching job listings. Look through each site to see if there are any employment openings in Ukraine. Also, have a look at this fantastic table from the International TEFL Academy. Which shows how much money teachers can earn in various nations throughout the world.

The UI isn’t the most attractive. But who needs a gorgeous website when there are so many English teaching jobs to select from?
It is another too complex interface. But there are plenty of job posts for teaching positions in other countries.
Some of the greatest job postings from across the world.
Tesall is a large job aggregator for teachers.

For other’s

I’ve noticed that the postings on this site and those on other sites overlap. Regardless, this website has been there for quite some time.
GoAbroad has long been a favorite of mine. . They also have a decent job board.

What jobs are in demand in Ukraine?

  • Generation Manager.
  • Supply Chain Specialist.
  • Southwest Regional Operations Director.
  • Good Governance Fund (GGF) Energy Expert.
  • Good Governance Fund (GGF) Economics and Public Policy Expert.
  • Product Manager.
  • Senior Account Manager.
  • Business Analyst Senior.

How much is the salary in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, the average monthly wage for an employee is roughly 23,000 UAH. The lowest average wage is 5,810 UAH, and the highest is 102,000 UAH. (highest average, actual greatest salary is higher). This is the typical monthly wage, which also includes housing, and transportation.

Can a foreigner work in Ukraine?

Foreigners can only work in Ukraine with a work permit.
The first thing to keep in mind is that a work visa application must be made by a corporation, not a foreign national. A work permit can only be given to the specific person for the specific staff position for whom it was issued.
A work permit in Ukraine is thus constrained. It does not provide unrestricted access to the Ukrainian labor market.

Work visa categories in Ukraine

Many foreign nationals who work for your business in Ukraine will need a work permit. There are some significant exceptions in the nation, though. In Ukraine, the following individuals do not must a work permit:
  • foreign nationals with visas for a permanent house
  • Refugees people with immigration permits
  • representatives of international airlines and maritime fleets providing services to Ukrainian businesses
  • personnel of foreign media authorized to work in Ukraine
  • among others, professional athletes and artists
  • employees from emergency services for a pressing task
  • personnel in international representative offices
  • clergy members visiting the nation temporarily for religious purposes
  • individuals involved in carrying out global technical help initiatives

Requirements to Obtain Ukraine Work Visas

For work visas and permits in Ukraine:
There are certain requirements for employers and employees. As of 2021, employers must pay foreign workers a least 60,000 UAH per month. Unless they fall under a “special category.” Typically, these people are Ukrainian firm founders or beneficiaries. Each and every work permit is given out based on the employee’s role and employer.
Employers are required to submit work permit applications on behalf of their employees. Required paperwork includes:
  • Application
  • copy of passport containing personal information
  • a color snapshot of the worker the size of a passport
  • along with a duplicate of the employment contract
  • documents attesting to your authority to speak on behalf of the employee
  • copies of applicants’ transcripts from top 100 colleges with their higher education documentation
  • For creative professions, certified copies of documents, copyright, and related rights
If you sent the employee to Ukraine for a particular activity, a copy of the contract for that activity. These documents must be translated into Ukrainian. And authorized if they are issued abroad.