How to get visa for Turkey from India

How to get a visa for Turkey from India? A quick guide for Indian people or anyone in India

Indian nationals need a visa to enter Turkey. You can get a month long single entry eVisa at e-Visa, republic of Turkey electronic visa application system, given that you match some conditions. If you have an Indian diplomatic passport, you don’t need a visa for 90 days. Anyone else can read this article about how to get a visa for Turkey, in some cases you will have to apply at your closest consulate in India.

How to get a visa for Turkey from India?

Based on your requirements, You can either opt for Turkey eVisa or apply for a direct visa through a company authorized by the Turkish consulate.


You can apply it through Turkish e-Visa here –, which is a very simple procedure. You can get this Visa in just 3 minutes!

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Apply for the visa, Pay the Visa fee and Download your Turkey eVisa. Yes, don’t forget to take a printout of your visa before starting your journey.

Direct Application

You can also directly apply for a visa through Gateway Globe, they are authorized by the Turkish Embassy to receive sticker visa applications. Check the process below:

Fill the application form
Gather the required documents along with a photograph
Schedule an appointment
Pay the visa fee
Submit your application form
Collect your visa
Turkey Tourist visa processing time

Only 3 minutes for Turkey eVisa and minimum of 15 working days from the date of submission of the documents for the sticker visa.

Now that you know everything about obtaining a Turkish Visa and the importance of Turkey Travel Insurance, go get going and have a lovely trip to Turkey!

Do Indians need a visa for Turkey?

Yes, Indians need a visa for entering Turkey.

Is there a visa on arrival in Turkey for Indian citizens?

Yes, Indian passport holders who have a valid visa or residence permit from Schengen, US, UK, and Ireland are eligible for the Turkish e-visa, which can be obtained online in a few minutes. The fee levied for the same is 43 USD (approx Rs 3,150).

Indians Citizens who do not have valid visas or residence permits of these countries would need to apply for a Turkish sticker visa with a single entry visa fee of around Rs 4,280 (there is an extra service fee of Rs 4,201 levied by the visa service provider).

Turkey Visa fee for Indian citizens

The visa fee for Turkey depends on the visa category you are applying for. A single-entry Turkey visa fee for an Indian citizen is Rs 4,280 and multiple-entry tourist visas for an Indian citizen costs around Rs 13,550  (there is an extra service fee of Rs 4,201 levied by the visa service provider).

Documents required for Turkey Tourist Visa from India

To apply for a tourist visa to Turkey you need the following documents:

A valid passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your entry into Turkey
Proof of confirmed hotel reservation, flight bookings and travel itinerary for the entire duration of your stay in Turkey
A copy of your completed visa application form
A copy of your confirmed air tickets to and from Turkey
Proof of your financial status to support yourself financially during your stay in Turkey and for your return conveyance. Turkey requires visitors to have at least USD 50 (INR 3,178.72) per day for staying in the country.
A statement of your financial situation from your bank for the last 6 months
You must show proof of having a Police Clearance Certificate or PPC. In case you have traveled to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, or any other Schengen country, then PPC is not required.

The above cover image shows somewhere in Instanbul, Turkey. Photo by Svetlana Gumerova on Unsplash


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  1. mohammad samhan

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
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      Your friend should follow the steps outlined above, and if you plan to financially support your friend you should also write a letter confirming and showing you have the means to do so.

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