How to make your article SEO friendly?

First of all, no worries if have no idea about what is SEO. Okay SEO is Search Engine Optimisation and through this Google Search Engine or any other Search Engine like Bing, Yahoo searches the most relevant answer to any queries of users. 

How to make your article SEO friendly?

Let’s take an example: Suppose you search for “How To Make a Cake”. Then what google will do scroll all the articles it has and finds the words How + Make + Cake and if your article has these 3 words used most of the time than bingo your article can be on the top of the search engine result. But wait you can cheat on google by just giving a Meta Description. So, in case you have written How + Make + Cake in your Meta Description box than Google will not toggle your whole article and just scroll through those 30-40 words and give your article a good ranking as it saves the time of Google and it is a fast and quick process so you must have a Meta Description with the accurate Keywords in it. 

Now once you are done with Meta Description and Keywords part than you must focus on the image you upload. While uploading the image first download it and then rename it suppose you download a photo of the cake and it has already named as the cake you might think there is no need to rename but here you lose a great chance to outshine you can just rename it as Cake at home, homemade cake or how to make the cake by doing so you will add keywords in your photos too and everyone knows photos are the much more fast means to increase to ranking. Also, don’t forget to add keywords in the H2, H3 as Google will prefer to read your heading first while searching for something rather than reading or finding for the keyword in your text. 

Summary points on SEO friendly article:

  1. Use Keywords
  2. Use Keywords in Photos
  3. Use Keywords in H2, H3
  4. Use Keywords in Meta Description 

The above cover image is a photo by NisonCo PR and SEO on Unsplash