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Most immigrant visas require the applicant to be sponsored by a US citizen, US permanent resident or a US employer. A person who plans to marry a US citizen is eligible for a fiancé visa and may later convert this to a Green Card.People from under-represented countries can file for diversity visas even if they are not sponsored by anyone in the USA.Each year, thousands of people from across the world apply for a visa to the USA. Some apply for a tourist visa, some for student visas and some for work visas. Not all these visas make a person eligible for permanent residency. Thus, if you want to migrate to America, it is important to file for the right Immigrant Visa. Read on to find out more about these visas.

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Family-Based Immigration :

A person who is a citizen of America or a permanent resident can sponsor visas for certain family members. A US citizen can sponsor his/ her spouse, children, sibling and parents who want to migrate to America. However, a permanent resident can only sponsor their spouse or unmarried dependent children.

Family-based immigrant visas are categorized as Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas and Family Preference Immigrant Visas. A US citizen’s spouse, dependent children and parents fall into the first category. There is no limit to the number of visas issued in this category. However, the number of visas issued under the Family Preference Immigrant Visas category is capped each year.

Fiancé(e) Visa :

A US citizen can sponsor his/ her fiancé’s application to migrate to America.  For this, he/she may apply for a K1 visa. This allows the person to move to America and live here legally for 90 days within which the couple must get married.

If the person has been married before, he/she will need to prove that they were divorced or that the earlier spouse is deceased. Unmarried, dependent children of the applicant can also be sponsored for a visa. After marriage, the applicant may file for a change in visa status to become a permanent resident.

Employment-Based Immigration :

US companies may sponsor employment visas for skilled workers to migrate to America under the Employment-Based Immigration category. Each year, approximately 1,40,000 visas are awarded in this category. There are 5 preference categories within this category.

People with extraordinary abilities in arts, science, education, athletics or business, outstanding researchers and professors and multinational managers are given the first preference. The second preference is given to immigrants with advanced degrees.

The third preference is given to professionals, skilled workers and unskilled workers. Certain special types of immigrants fall into the fourth preference category. This includes broadcasters, religious ministers, certain former employees of the US government, translators and people enlisted outside the USA to serve in the US army. Immigrant entrepreneurs are given the fifth preference.

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