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How to migrate to Dubai?

To migrate to Dubai, you can get a job in the UAE and then get an employment visa. If you have a family member in Dubai, they can sponsor you for a family visa. If you plan to study in the UAE, you can also get a student visa. If you are opening your own company in the UAE or investing in one, you can get an Investor visa. If you own a freehold property in Dubai, you are eligible for a renewable residency visa. The benefits of these visas do vary depending on your personal situation. 

You can renew a Dubai resident visa every three years. Once you get the residency you can open a bank account in Dubai. Following are more details on how to migrate to Dubai.

Dubai is the top Arab city and home to the most advanced infrastructure. The high-quality road networks in the world and world-class facilities support economic growth. It all makes Dubai a prime base for multinational business.

A quarter of the population of the United Arab Emirates is from India. You can apply for visas at the United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy in New Delhi.

How to migrate to Dubai?

For your actual move to Dubai, here are the types of visas that are available. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months after your move. You will have to undergo medical in Dubai, once you arrive. All those who want to migrate to Dubai have these options.

1000 United Arab Emirates Dirham, or AED, is around 270 US Dollars, USD. That is around 250 Euros, EUR, or 20000 Indian Rupees, INR, or 1700 Chinese Yuan, CNY.    

Getting an employment visa

You can find a job in Dubai so you can get an employment visa. Receiving a work permit is the easiest way to migrate to Dubai. The initial application permits getting a three-year visa and can extend indefinitely. Employees can receive the work permit if the employer applies for the visa on behalf of the employee. But, the future employee needs to meet certain criteria. The employee needs to provide certain documents before the application.

Getting the family visa

If you have a family member established in Dubai. A family sponsor visa is available for those who have a family member in Dubai. In that case, a family member also known as a sponsor must make the security deposit payment. They also need to provide their resident permit while applying for the Dubai family visa.

If you have family in the city, you are eligible for a dependent visa for Dubai. They will need to make a minimum of 4,000 United Arab Emirates Dirham, AED, per month in order to sponsor you. Or they can make AED 3,000 per month plus accommodation. If your children are in Dubai, they will need to earn at least AED 20,000 per month to be able to sponsor you. If your parents are looking to sponsor you, you will have to be under 18 years of age (or a student) and unmarried. 

Get a Dubai residence by investment program

Property Owner Visa: If you own a freehold property in Dubai, you are eligible for a renewable residency visa however the benefits of these visas (dependents etc) do vary.

Dubai government has started the residency investment program allowing foreign nationals to migrate. This is possible by purchasing a property in Dubai. The amount to invest in real estate to get residency is 1 million AED. This must be the buying value of the property. . Proof of monthly income of 10000 AED must be submitted to invest in resident property. The applicant can later become a sponsor for other family members to migrate.

Get a Dubai visa through company registration

If you are opening your own company in the UAE or investing in one, you can get an Investor visa.

The popular way to receive Dubai residency is by registering a company in the Emirate or one of the free zones. If you open an onshore company then you need a local partner. Registration in the Dubai free zone provides full ownership of the company. This visa allows a foreign citizen to be a shareholder and to hire employees in Dubai. The validity of the resident visa is 3 years and needs to renew later.

Get a Dubai resident through a student visa

You can enroll in one of the UAE universities or academic institutions. You will get a visa for the duration of your education.

Students here need to carry a student visa that is generally for one year. This visa needs renewal every year based on the program of the study. Applicants have to do security checks. And get some medical tests for HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, and C.
To receive this visa, students need to submit some of these documents:

  • a passport,
  • photos,
  • letter of acceptance to the UAE educational institution, and
  • a tenancy agreement.

Documents required to migrate to Dubai

The documents needed to file for residency depend on the type of visa a foreign citizen has. Generally, the following documents are needed to migrate to Dubai

  • a valid passport
  • recent photographs
  • proof of financial means to support oneself
  • proof of accommodation
  • job offer letter (in the case of employment visas)
  • the property title of the purchased property
  • information about the sponsor (where required).

How much money do you need to immigrate to Dubai?

To migrate and get a resident visa for Dubai is subject to certain fees and depending on the type of permit. The costs implied are:

  • Service fees that refer to get a visa are processing fees, knowledge, and innovation fee.
  • Fees related to receiving the medical certificate after medical evaluation.
  • Fees for obtaining an e-residence permit or changing the expiring visa.
  • Bank fees and fees related to having the Ministry of Labor approved work visa.
  • In case those applying for a residence permit based on employment need to deposit a guarantee. This guarantee will transform them to sponsor.

Is it easy to migrate to UAE?

Getting a work permit is one of the easiest ways to migrate to Dubai. The initial application allows the individual to receive a 3-year visa. You can extend this visa. If an employer applies for the visa on behalf of the employee. And then you can get a work permit. Expats who want to know on how to migrate to Dubai will be happy knowing it’s very easy. Dubai is having an ex-pat population five times larger than the Emirati nationals. It makes it more straightforward to move to this country.

Dubai is like no other city in the world and is full of travelers from all over the world. When you move to a new country you need to take a lot of care but the process is worth it if you are looking for an adventure. Dubai is no less than an adventure but worth living here to enjoy all the luxuries and a great life ahead.

The cover image is somewhere in Dubai, UAE. Photo by Walid A on Unsplash


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