How to migrate to Saudi Arabia

To migrate to Saudi Arabia, you can find a job in Saudi Arabia. You can also study in Saudi Arabia. If you have a relative in Saudi Arabia, they can also help you. Read more on how to migrate to Saudi Arabia.

How to migrate to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia doesn’t recognize dual citizenship, so you should avoid carrying two passports with you at any time. For example, US-Saudi nationals have had one of their passports confiscated when it was discovered. Please also note that if your passport in any way indicates that you have recently visited Israel, you might be refused a visa to Saudi Arabia or have trouble entering the country. However, various travelers and expats have had different experiences with this issue.

Visa information for Saudi Arabia

Anyone intending to travel to Saudi Arabia needs to request a visa first. Please note that in order to be granted a visa, you need to be in possession of a passport that is valid for at least six months (or the entire period of your stay, whichever is longer) with two blank visa pages facing each other, and you need someone who will sponsor your visa application.

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Business visa

For a short business visit, e.g. as a representative of your company, a sales representative, an investor, or for a similar purpose, you can apply for a Business Visa. In addition to your passport, you usually need one recent passport-size, full-face color photograph with a white background and a completed application form. The form should be available at your nearest Saudi Embassy or Consulate.

It is important that you get a visa request number first. This can be done via the Enjaz website. Enjaz is an IT service provider which handles visa applications in the first instance and issues every approved applicant an ‘E number’. The E number must be included in your visa application.

Employment visa

The above-mentioned Business Visa does not give you the right to work or reside in Saudi Arabia. In order to take up work, you need an Employment Visa. The requirements for an Employment Visa are similar to those for a Business Visa, generally with the following additions:

  • a letter from your Saudi employer (or visa sponsor, if not the same) certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • a signed copy of your employment contract
  • notarized certificates of your academic and/or professional qualifications
  • an up-to-date police report including any criminal records
  • one to three copies of your official medical report, including HIV test results, issued by a licensed physician
  • Expats on long-term assignments need to have their Employment Visa extended to a Residence Permit (iqama),which is usually valid for one or two years. The iqama is issued by the General Department of Passports, which is part of the Ministry of Interior, or its local branch offices.


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