How to migrate to Singapore

To migrate to Singapore, you can find a job in Singapore, or you can also study in Singapore. If you have a relative in Singapore, they can also help you.

Most immigrant visas require the applicant to be sponsored by a Singaporean citizen, a Singaporean permanent resident, or a Singaporean employer.

Migrate to Singapore? To become a regular resident of Singapore, there are many paths you can take. You don’t need a job to move there. Anyway, you do need to have a job, though, if you want to migrate to Singapore to work. Only then can you officially live and work there.

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How to move to Singapore

There are many reasons to move to Singapore, but if you want to stay longer than 90 days, you will need to apply for and get a long-stay visa. Singapore gives out different types of long-stay visas, and you need to pick the right one for your reason for moving there.

You can migrate to Singapore in one of these ways:

  • For work;
  • For study;
  • Get together with your family.

Long term pass holders Singapore

Singapore’s Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) has different groups of people who can get it:

Spouse of a Singapore Citizen:

  • After marriage, foreign spouses of Singaporeans may apply for LTVP.
  • PMLA is recommended for non-resident (NR) couples before marriage.

Spouse of a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR):

  • Foreign spouses of Singapore PRs can apply for LTVP after marriage.

Child under 21 (unmarried) with a Singapore Citizen/PR parent:

  • Singapore Citizen/PR parents may sponsor unmarried children under 21 for LTVP.

Parent of a Singapore Citizen/PR:

Graduates from an Institute of Higher Learning seeking employment:

  • Graduates from educational institutions can apply for LTVP to seek employment in Singapore without a sponsor.

Mother or Grandmother of a student on a Student’s Pass:

  • Mothers and grandparents of Singapore schoolchildren with Student Passes may apply for LTVP. Must have a Singaporean/PR over 21 sponsors.

Visitor seeking permission to give birth in Singapore:

  • Female visitors can apply for LTVP to give birth in Singapore with a local sponsor (Singapore Citizen/PR over 21).

Becoming a permanent resident

You may be able to become a permanent residence as a foreigner if you are:

  • Being married to a Singapore citizen or permanent resident (PR) of Singapore
  • Child under 21 years old who is not married and was born into a legal marriage to or legally adopted by a Singapore citizen or PR
  • Parent of a Singaporean person who is old
  • Having a S Pass or an Employment Pass
  • Malaysian student in Singapore
  • Investor from outside of Singapore.

How to apply

If you are any of the following, you will need to read the following notes and send in the following supporting papers through the e-Service:

Spouse or child of a Singapore citizen or PR under 21 years old:

To apply for permanent residence, use the e-Service. You can:

  • Enter details directly online
  • Download, complete, and then submit the PR application form online

You can apply online if you are:

  • A Singapore citizen or PR applying for your spouse or unmarried child under 21
  • A Singapore citizen applying for your aged parent
  • An Employment Pass or S Pass holder applying for yourself and your spouse or unmarried child under 21

If you’re a student in Singapore, access the e-Service with your FIN and valid immigration pass issuance date.

Foreign investors can apply through the Global Investor Programme at the Singapore Economic Development Board.

For guidance, check the FAQs and PR application guide within the e-Service.

Source: ICA

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