Hunger Relief Camps In Uttar Pradesh

You will get information about the ongoing hunger-relief camps in Uttar Pradesh in this article. As on 7th April 2020, the total number of active cases in India are 4,911. The total number of death increased to 137.  There is an exponential increase in number of cases. Also, the 21-days lockdown can increase if there is no control in the active cases. The paramedic has affected the poor and rich both because viruses can’t differentiate between rich and poor. But, in this lockdown, poor people are suffering the most. Although, state and centre governments are working to assure that nobody sleeps empty stomach by setting up hunger relief camps across all the country.

We are continuously writing on relief camps across India. So, that it should reach to the needy person. In this article, you will get information about the camps in Uttar Pradesh. The government has taken many steps to give relief to common people. Let us see all the information you need to know one by one.

Hunger Relief Camps In Uttar Pradesh:

Facebook groups:

Zomato Feeding India Hunger Heroes: They are working across the country to feed labours, migrants and other people who in need of food. They distribute food packages and meals.

Zomato Feeding India: Kanpur Chapter: This group is exclusively working in Kanpur. In the march itself, it has distributed 23,720 meals.

Initiative  By Government: 

The Uttar Pradesh government has set many camps to provide food to needy.  Apart from camps, the state government is providing free food grains of April month to the poor family. Also, it has announced that during the lockdown period, will not charge any electricity bill from the industries and the will give a full month salary to the state employees.

Also, to ensure that the daily life of the common people goes smoothly, all the essential items will be delivered to home.