Iraq visa for Indians

Iraq Visa For Indians

The Iraq Indian visa is an endorsement that allows Indian nationals for different purposes to enter the country. In order to enter Iraq, nationals from almost every country require a permit. Nonetheless, a few Arab countries do have visa-free entry, and some other nations may obtain an Iraqi visa upon arrival at selected airports. India isn’t among them, however. As a result, there is a mandatory Iraq visa for Indian citizens.


The Iraqi permits can be classified into the following types, based on the purpose of the visit-

Tourist-This category is issued for visitors to take part in tourism-related activities traveling to the country.

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Visit-This is issued for religious purposes only for individuals traveling to Iraq.

Business-This type is for individuals entering the country to engage in activities related to business.

Employment-This is granted to individuals entering the country to participate in paid work.

Tourists Visa

  • The applicant should have a valid passport that is valid for a minimum of six months.
  • A colored passport photocopy.
  • One typed visa form and (photocopy allowed) should not be handwritten.
  • Four passport-size, white background photos.
  • A cover letter clarifying the intent of the visit from the Indian Company.
  • The sponsor in Iraq is expected to apply to the Ministry of the Interior for visa approval and will forward the application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval. It can take 15 to 20 days for this process.
  • As required at the time of submission of the visa application, the sponsor must submit an approval copy to the applicant in India.
  • Health certificate from an accredited doctor at the Embassy.

Documents Required for Iraq Visa

  • Original passport with a validity of at least 6 months and a minimum of 3 blank pages + all old passports if available.
  • 2 Latest color photograph scanning. (Specification for Photo);
    Form for Visa Application: completed and signed
  • Personal cover letter: the explanation of the intent of traveling to the country
  • Company Covering Letter: on company letterhead from Indian business.
  • Letter of approval: from Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One copy to be faxed to the Embassy directly and one copy to be sent for application for a visa.
  • Official letter of invitation: from the host company, indicating the purpose of the company, the planned length of the visit, and the name and address of the company or organization you are visiting.
  • Initial Bank Statement: stamped & revised with bank seal for the last 3 months
  • Returns of Income Tax / Form 16: over the last 3 years
  • Air tickets: proof of return flight tickets to your home country from and back
  • Hotel booking: evidence of accommodation for the whole of your stay
  • Health Certificate: with a minimum coverage of EUR 30000 and valid for the whole period of stay.

How much minimum Bank Balance Required to get an Iraq Visa?

On the exact sum, you must possess, there is no steadfast rule. You are required to keep enough funds in your bank to cover your entire stay period, as per the requirements. Whenever possible, you must also be able to use these funds. The transactions should be steady as the bank statements are shown. Explanations can be needed for any unusual transactions.

Time Processing

There are two stages in the processing time for the Iraq visa. The time taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get approval will take about 15-20 working days. Depending on the visa form you are applying for, this can vary. After that, it will take about a week to process your application after your submission to the embassy/consulate. Again, this will depend on the exact permit form, the number of entries, and so on. As a consequence, it is recommended that you apply well beforehand.

How should I apply for Iraq Visa?

It is a complicated procedure to apply for an Iraq visa from India. Indeed, due to the complicated requirements of the Iraq visa for Indian nationals, it is strictly advisable to use the travel agent’s services to apply for the permit. You will, however, need to check whether you are qualified to apply for a specific category before starting the process. After that, you can continue making the request as follows-

Obtain permission in Iraq from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As you are not going to be able to do this on your own, you have to use professional assistance.

  • Complete the Iraq visa application form obtained from the Iraqi embassy.
  • Provide all the necessary information, including the intent of your visit.
  • Acquire all the documents required.
  • Visit the Iraqi embassy/consulate, along with the documents and the application form, for submission.
  • At the embassy, pay the taxes.

Where can I obtain a visa for Iraq?

It is a boring procedure to get a visa for Iraq. While visa applications must be sent to the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in New Delhi or to the Consulate of the Republic of Iraq in Mumbai, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iraq must give you prior approval. Somebody living in Iraq would need to make an application for this. You would need the services of a travel agent as a result. In order to make applications from Iraq, they have set up different task forces as well as support with your application in India. Click here to see an IraqVisaForm


For the pursuit of normal and full-time academic studies in India, student visas are given. No other operations are allowed, such as company, jobs, etc. Normally, it is given for the length of the study course. The applicant should present proof of admission to a recognized educational institution in India, along with documents certifying the recognition by the relevant government agency of the educational institution in India.

Fee structure of Iraq visa for Indians

EntryPurposeStay DurationValidityFees
Single Entry NormalBusiness90 days3 months 0.0
Single EntryWork90 days3 months 8880.0

When I arrive in Iraq, what To do?

  • Keep all your travel documents ready for immigration officers to produce them for verification.
    Ensure that you do not carry restricted items that do not pass through customs, including ‘any unethical items responsible for causing a breach of the peace’ such as books, audiobooks, audio, and videotapes.
  • Always bring your passport or a copy of it when traveling to Iraq.
  • Notice the country’s emergency helpline numbers
  • In public places, be mindful of the general rules of conduct


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