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Overview of Rights and Asylum Process in italy

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It is a Non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Rome, Italy. A Buon Diritto is a civil liberties association formed in June 2001 for the purpose of promoting questions of great public importance regarding the exercise of rights, which are either recognised by our legal system but not properly protected, or whose recognition is defaulted on, opposed or hindered in actual practice. 

The association works to raise public awareness of these questions and help introduce them into the sphere of political-parliamentary debate, whilst following through the effects of these actions in terms of legislation and collective orientation. A Buon Diritto dedicates great attention to the issues of immigration, deprivation of liberty, end-of-life and freedom of choice in medical treatment.



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Rome, Italy

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‘SenzaAsilo’ is born of operators, institutions and citizens who in various capacities lend their commitment to the social support projects of refugees and who daily confront each other with the continuous increase in rejection of asylum requests by the Territorial Commissions. 

Asylum seekers hosted in reception centers carry out strenuous work-related integration projects that often lead to the concrete possibility of having a stable job and economic autonomy. Unfortunately, as a result of the rejection of the asylum application, they ‘fall’ underground, they see their path nullified and become ‘invisible’: they can not work, can not be treated, can not rent a house. 


Present in 8 Italian regions (Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Apulia, Calabria, Sicily) with informative and socio-legal information outlets funded through special agreements with local authorities and within specific projects. In Rome, in addition to ordinary activities at the headquarters, we provide legal assistance to migrants in transit in the area of ​​Tiburtina Station – in the informal ‘Baobab’ garrison – where there are people excluded from the reception system in the first two centers ‘Tom’ and ‘Jerry’ welcoming a total of 20 unmarried foreign minors and at the reception center ‘La Casa’ managed by Ce.IS Don Mario Picchi. We are conducting monitoring activities on the so-called ‘hotspot approach’ of the European Union and guidance and information 

Address: Via del Velabro 5/A

00186 Roma (RM) tel. +39 06 69200114 

Avvocato di strada

Free legal protection for homeless people. The largest Italian law firm (and even the least expensive). Where is it: with time of availability and addresses just in Italian. 

Guide for people living on the street