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ITASTRA Scuola di lingua Italiana per Stranieri: Piazza Sant’Antonino, 1 – 90134 Palermo Tel. +39 091 23869601 [email protected],

Borderline-Europe, diritti umani senza frontiere e.V.
sede Sicilia – V. Emanuele 35, 90133 Palermo
Mobile +39 340 980 21 96, [email protected]

Modica (RG)
Associazione Borderline Sicilia ONLUS
via Ritiro n. 24, 97015 Modica (RG)
Germana +39 331 2048044, [email protected]

Associazione Borderline Sicilia ONLUS
Viola 338 2595366

Associazione Casa Famiglia Rosetta
C.da Bagno sn – 93100 Caltanissetta
tel. 0934 508011 – Fax 0934 508018 Open every day from 12.30 untill 13.30 all year long.

House for first hospitality “Un mondo a colori” for minors
The CPA (Center of First Hospitality) ‘A WORLD IN COLORS’ presents itself as a mixed community structure of a family type that welcomes and takes care of unaccompanied foreigners arriving on the regional territory in emergency situations and for whom a offer of temporary residency in order to allow the institutions in charge to acquire information on the subject and decide on the social intervention to be activated. The reception center ‘Un Mondo a Colori’ is located on the first and second floor of a building that once housed a convent, in the locality of Montedoro, in the province of Caltanissetta. President of Cooperativa sociale Etnos is mr. Ruvolo Fabio. Responsible of the homecare: Maria Rosaria Bufalino. The house is in Via G. Matteotti Montedoro (CL)
Tel. 0934-934164
[email protected]
[email protected]
They also have a house of second hospitality called “Our House”, Casanostra.
FOR EMERGENCY MEALS – DINNERTIME there is the kindness of kebab restaurant SOUL KITCHEN who has the advantage to take order through JUST EAT
from far away, paying online

FOR EMERGENCY BREAKFAST – DAYTIME GOLDEN BAR Via Toscana, 3, Caltanissetta, 93100

CSM – Centro di Salute mentale (Center for Mental Health)
Via Chiarandà, 13 – Caltanissetta
Our referee: Dott.ssa Cristina Lumia Tel 0934 506759 [email protected]
Dott. Arcangelo Giammusso E.mail: [email protected]
Tel. 0934/506789

Sportello Immigrati
via Re d’Italia 14
Available for meeting people and for calls just on Wednesdays
Giuliana Geraci 333 5468651

Nissetnica, intercultural association
Nissetnica is a non-profit organization which aims to promote and encourage the brotherhood among of peoples in the world. Their social projects aim to support and help the interaction between different people, focusing on those who face the main issues of living abroad. The main goal of Nissetnica is to reach a mutual understanding. They organise since 2013 free Italian courses
Email us: [email protected] Pec: [email protected] Tel. +39 35 119 78081
Viale Conte Testasecca 60- Caltanissetta
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Mazara del Vallo
Via Santa Maria di Gesu’ 96, Mazara del Vallo. Call 0923 945459 [email protected]

Organizzazione di Volontariato Amici del Terzo Mondo

Various ( legal, healthcare, integration )

Via F. Strupp 15, Marsala
tel: +39/0923/712.435
email: [email protected]

Association aims to meet basic and practical needs of migrants (provides medicine and health care, helps to find housing and work). Holds Italian classes and stimulates cultural initiatives of migrants.

Poliambulatorio S. Chiara-Caritas per Cittadini Extracomunitari


Piazza Santa Chiara 11,
tel: +39/091/327.986

Local health care clinic that provides basic assistance to undocumented migrants in Palermo and refers them to the university hospital for specialized treatment and integration within the health care system.