italy visa for indians

Italy visa for Indians

Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan. Italy is a destination like no other place. It has many fabulous cities eclipsing the next. 

It’s all here for tourists to enjoy art, music, architecture, fashion, shopping, and food. It is one of the top destinations in Europe. You can visit Italy alone or combined it with other European destinations. You only need a Schengen Visa. 

Two ways to apply for a visa to Italy are available:

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Choice 1: 

You can complete an online application form (a visa center offers this service), print it out, and sign it.

Choice 2: 

Download the application form from the website of the Italian Embassy. Complete the form and sign it.

Visa forms for Italy

Italy has two major types of visas. One of which includes a short-term Schengen Visa or a C visa for a daily tourist visit. The Long Term D Visa or the Italian National Visa is the other form of Visa. You can stay in Italy for up to 90 days with the Schengen Short Term Visa, for single or multiple entries.

You will not need another visa to visit Italy. If you already have a valid Schengen Short Term Visa provided by a different Schengen State. Evidence of your justification for remaining in Italy. And of your means of survival upon your arrival in Italy is what you will need.

 Italy visa for Indians application process:

Italy in mind? You must have a passport, an Italian visa, and tickets for the return trip. Here is a list of the documents needed to apply to Italy for a Schengen Short Term Visa or C Visa.

  1. Your passport must be issued for a term of fewer than ten years. And must be valid for at least three months after you depart from the Schengen Region. It also requires to include at least two blank pages in your passport booklet.
  2. Your one recent color photograph should meet the requirements.
  3. The documents with information about the reason for your journey to Italy. Have both originals documents and copies.
  4. Return Data for Flight Ticket.
  5. Information on hotel bookings.
  6. Method of payment for fees to be paid while filing the document.
  7. A completed online request form.
  8. An appointment for three months to fifteen days prior to the date of your departure.
  9. At the service provider centre. You have your file checked, deposit fee, passport, and biometrics. 


Types of Visa To Italy

Schengen Visa

It is a Short-term Uniform Visa. The Uniform Visa is a type of Visa provided by the Italian Embassy. Or to individuals who would like to travel to the country.

They are staying in Italy for a brief time. It is often referred to as a C visa and is usually issued for 90 days. This form of Schengen visa issued by the Embassy of Italy is divided into five sub-categories:

Company Visa/ Tourist Visa

Italy Tourist Visa :

The Italy Tourist Visa is a form of Visa given to individuals whose primary purpose of travel. Persons who are there for vacation or to visit relatives and friends residing in Italy. People visiting Italy for medical care can also obtain a tourist visa from Italy. In fact, individuals who travel to Italy to fulfill a business commitment. Such as attending business meetings, conferences, mergers, etc., will get a business visa.

Visa for Transit

A Transit visa is a form of Italian Visa. It is for people who need to board a connecting flight. The flight is from Italy to reach their destination country and have a stopover in Italy.

Quick Stay Visa to Study

A short-stay study Visa is a form of Visa that can be used by people who want to study in Italy for a short-stay course. To receive this form of Italian Visa, the maximum length of the time should not be more than 90 days.

Visa Sports

A sports visa is a form of Italy Visa for people. Who is traveling to Italy in sports as a sportsman, judge, or referee/adjudicator?

Visa Invitation

An invitation visa is a form of Italian Visa that can be applied to by individuals. Who has been invited to Italy by an organization. 

How long would it take to get a visa from Italy?

The processing time can take up to 15 days for an Italian short-stay visa. However, depending on your particular case, this duration can be extended by up to 30 days. Exceptional situations can take up to 60 days. As other Schengen consulates may have to be contacted by the Italian embassies.

You can apply for your application as soon as possible. But no sooner than three months before you travel to Italy. To prevent any delay in the issuance of your Italian short-stay visa.

When To apply for Visa?

Visa applicants must not apply more than three months before the start of the planned journey. 

Applications can be submitted three months before the date of the confirmed journey. It is best to apply well in advance, as applications peak from April through July. It will help to organize your trip to Italy smoothly.

The time it takes for the Embassy to process an application varies. But decisions about C visas are usually made within 15 calendar days. Because of specific situations, individual cases could take longer. On average, the processing time for D visas is longer, taking into account the very precise. And thorough examination to which they are submitted. It may include a series of additional verifications.

Please also be aware that processing times are up to 15 working days for a C Visa. You can do so at your own risk if you wish to apply for your application at the last minute. Just a few days before your departure. But there is no guarantee that your Visa will be processed on time for your flight.

Please note that:

Applying for a visa is a process that might end with either the issuance of a visa or the refusal of a visa. Thus, you are invited to look for refundable tickets and reservations for hotels. In any event, the Embassy of Italy will not be liable for any financial loss. 

If you apply to the Embassy, please notice that you can fill out the visa application form online. 

To speed up the application submission process. Submit the printing of the complete form along with the barcode produced to the Embassy.


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